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This was at the wedding we recently attended. Those are glittery moose, mounting one another. Humping, if you will. If this makes you uncomfortable

Sometimes my mood swings annoy even myself. Two days ago I was a ball of stress and started writing a post I ended up deleting because I hate complaining about things instead of putting my energy toward improving them. Well, [some] things have improved and now I’m a ball of sunshine! [Mostly.]

I was getting stressed about this Thursday’s Painting Party fundraiser. (You may have noticed an incessant amount of posting about it.) I didn’t realize I would have to make up the difference if I didn’t get the minimum number of people to register. (Or, maybe I didn’t think it would be so hard to get the minimum number of people.) So not only was I not going to make anything off of it, but I would lose money from my own pocket. I may have had a moment [in privacy with my husband] where I bitched about how I’m trying to do something nice by fundraising and it’s so hard. I’m never doing this again. Hey, self, newsflash, you know what’s harder? Cancer. Stop bitching. Especially since I was able to talk to the nice folks at Bottle & Bottega and work out a solution that will not lead to me losing money, and if more people register (and I think some more have already) the fundraiser might actually be a fund raiser.

And, a few friends who are unable to attend on Thursday made a donation directly, so between that and the success of the Running Rack raffle (congrats to winners Pete and Rachel, by the way, who have already been notified and picked their displays), as of yesterday morning, I have hit the $250 fundraising minimum to be able to register for “free” summer marathon training. Phew. So thank you to everyone who has already donated! I’m doing another raffle later this month, so stayed tuned.

However, shifting gears, I’m still feeling fat and lazy. All my relative laziness (I say relative because we runners are a crazy bunch … basically, lazy = not seriously training for anything and just kind of working out when it’s convenient) over the past year has led to some weight gain. It happens. And I’m not so much annoyed by that (because most of my clothes still fit), as I am by my obvious decrease in fitness. You work so hard to get to a certain point and then you let it go and you have to work back up again. (Earth-shattering, yes?) It’s certainly not the end of the world, and obviously I have no one to blame but me … well, I have no one else to blame, so that’s fun to have rolling around in my head. I have races coming up and no expectations to PR, which is a little bit of a let down, you know? OK, time for the pity party to end.

Because I was just starting to get back on track, and get this, make a training plan, and then I get sharp pains in my left knee during a run. It’s like my knee knew what was up and decided, NOPE, we liked taking it easy. I might attempt a run tomorrow and see how it is, but if I’m still feeling … feelings … when I walk down stairs, I might just ride a stationary bike instead finally Divvy home from work for the first time. Stay tuned. I swear I almost got run over by an SUV when riding home from Pilates last night and I hope my parents aren’t reading this but if they are, I always wear my helmet. 

In other news, Hot Doug’s announced they were closing, 90% of my Facebook friends freaked out like they themselves have a stake in Hot Doug’s, I chastised them on Twitter … and then I ended up taking the lead on making plans with my running club to make a trip over there. I mean, Hot Doug’s describes themselves as The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium … of course the Wurst Running Club Ever has to make an official outing to a place like that. We have until October.

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Sausage Queen of Chicago

OK, this post is all over the place, time to wrap it up. I leave you with this: Police Escort Family of Geese Off the Interstate. (I really hope this link/video still works.) If that doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, well then I need to try harder.

Have you been to Hot Doug’s? What should I order? Do you brake for animals? Or just sausage? (Declan, I’m looking at you but you probably won’t read this.)