Well, not completely different. And not quite now. 

One of the few perks of renting is the freedom to just pick up and move after a year. To a completely different apartment, and/or a completely different neighborhood. That’s it on the perks. You still have to deal with landlords, the stress of moving, and the whole “you’re throwing your money away” thing. (Although how is paying to have a roof over my head “throwing my money away”? Anywho.)

I kind of dig being a little bit of a nomad. I say a little bit, because I have lived in Cook County for almost my entire life, and even when I moved out of it, I was in a collar county. What can I say? I ❤ Chicago. But I like having the freedom to live somewhere “new.” Since graduating from high school, I have moved 11 times. And soon I’ll move for the 12th time. And I know it’s not the last, because we’ll still be renting. Someday we might buy.

Even though we’ve only been in our current place for a year, we’re ready to move. There were no major problems, but enough to prompt us to look. We started our search early (like 11-12 weeks before our lease ends). Apartment searching is always something of an adventure. We looked at a few places that definitely did not “feel like home” or were not “slap me on my ass awesome.” At least two places that I would describe as a dump (but we’ll just nicely refer to those as “college apartments”).

We looked at one place that both “felt like home” and was “slap me on my ass awesome,” however, it was kind of in a “dead” area – too far from the L or any places of interest (bars, restaurants, grocery stores, etc), so we decided to pass. We were starting to think maybe we should start compromising on what we want, but we were still early (it wasn’t yet the middle of April and we were still seeing more May than June leases advertised), so we kept looking.

And a couple weeks ago, we found a place that did feel like home, that did slap me on the ass with how awesome it was, and was in a great location, and with what is included in the rent, should be a little bit cheaper than our current place. Yes!

A few hours after we saw it, we emailed the owner and said we’d like to sleep on it before submitting an application, but we’re very interested. He replied to say someone who saw it before us had just contacted him and wanted to move forward. We were pretty crushed. We were already sharing all the “you know what’s going to be great about our new place?” thoughts. And suddenly this place wasn’t available.

Luckily the other people quickly fell through, so we snatched it up as quickly as we could, passed the application (credit score), signed the lease and sent in our deposit. Woo! Finally, we had our freetime back.

So, come June, we’re moving to a new ‘hood. We’ll be within walking distance of a few neighborhoods that should be fun to explore. And I will be much closer to my office – heck, I could walk home when the weather’s nice if I have an old pair of running shoes handy. Or at least Divvy home if I have my helmet.

So, different neighborhood, and different type of place. Right now we’re living on the second floor of a pretty traditional Chicago walk-up. We’re moving into a converted warehouse – which my mom tells me my grandpa took her to when she was little. Kind of love that. [I would be more specific, but I’m trying to be vague about our actual location.]

Now we just have to get through the joys of packing and moving.

Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 7.54.35 PM

Weren’t we just doing this?