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Monday AM: 2.38 mi in 00:23, 9:49 pace
Monday PM: Anniversary dinner ❤

Tuesday PM: Body R+D Pilates reformer class – 50 minutes, then Divvy’d home about 1.5mi

Wednesday PM: 1 hour Burlesque Class

Thursday AM: 3.09 mi in 00:30, 9:44 pace
Thursday PM: Yoga, 1 hour, lunchtime class at the office

Friday AM: 4.09 mi in 00:40, 9:48 pace
Friday PM: Rehearsal dinner

Saturday midday: 6.01 mi in 01:03, 10:32 pace
Saturday PM: wedding

Sunday: rest (like this week was so hard? really just being lazy)

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I ran on the Des Plaines River Trail and didn’t get lost this time. 

I need to be honest with myself. It’s been a year since I was serious about my running. A year ago, I had a goal – to run the Southwest Half Marathon an hour faster than when I ran it as my debut half back in 2010. I followed the training plan written by BFF Ultra Vera (who has recently had some milestones of her own!!)  And then I got a stomach bug and puked my guts out less than 12 hours before racetime and didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed. And since then, honestly, I’ve been unmotivated with my running. I haven’t had a serious goal race. My mileage has gone way down, my pace has slowed, I’ve gained weight, etc. I try to remind myself that I’m still more active than the majority of Americans, pace is relative, etc. But … I’d kind of like to get my groove back, you know?

And I know it’s 5 1/2 months away, but I’m nervous about the Chicago Marathon. When I ran it in 2012, as my first marathon, I was so motivated. My running was consistent, I was PR’ing all over the place. Now? My mileage at this point is lower, and even though I ran the first one pretty conservatively, I don’t have any expectations that I’ll PR. My goal is just to finish a marathon. That’s it. I thought my second time around, I’d have improved so much and be in a position to do awesome. Finishing a maration is awesome, no matter your time, but you know, everyone always wants to PR. We’re human. We want to improve.

So why did I sign up for the marathon this year? Honestly, because my husband said he wanted to do a marathon, and it was kind of like … well if he’s doing it, I should too, after all, I’m the runner in the family. And then the ACS emailed me (and likely all of their veteran charity runners) to see if I’d like to be a mentor for their new charity runners, and I wanted to find a way to “give back” so it was all good timing. And I reasoned with myself, what else am I going to do with my summer? Why not train for a marathon?

So what’s my point? Hmmm … not sure. I’ve commited to a marathon, and, you know, I do like running, so I need to refocus. One thing I’m doing to that end is not taking any more burlesque classes until after the marathon. Really, that’s financially motivated (it’s not in the budget right now), but that’ll free more time for running and strength training, plus, I suspect that dancing in high heels isn’t the best cross-training. My left knee is starting to bother me in ways it never has before. I could probably also stand to get a new pair of Adrenalines.

Other goals – I need to get back to my basic routine. At least one of each per week: speed or tempo run, legit strength workout, long run. I need to make 20-30 mpw a habit again, and then go up from there once marathon training officially starts. I need to stop hitting snooze for like 45 minutes in the morning so I can run more than 2-3 miles before work. I need to actually impress myself once again. (With my running.) I miss that feeling.