Training, April 14-20


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Monday PM: Looked at another apartment. Meh.

Tuesday PM: 1-hour runner-focused workout at Chicago Primal Gym. Then looked at two apartments.

Wednesday PM: 1-hour Burlesque class. Learned the remaining choreography for this session’s number.

Thursday PM: 1-hour Body R+D pilates reformer class and ran the 3.4mi round-trip to and from the studio.

Friday PM: The office closed early so I was able to enjoy a 3mi run in the nice weather.

Saturday: 6mi “long” run. I’ll be honest. It’s that time of the month. I used it as an excuse to cut the run short.

Sunday: 3mi run before heading to the country for Easter with the in-laws.

My training was uninspiring, but we found an apartment!! We’re moving at the end of May, or June 1 at the latest, we hope. (Our lease is up June 14.) We’ll be in a completely different neighborhood, in a very different apartment. Right now we’re on the second floor of a traditional vintage Chicago walk-up. We’re moving into a renovated produce warehouse. I’m so glad the search is over and I can get my life back.

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8 Comments on “Training, April 14-20”

  1. Yay for a new apartment! All but one of my Chicago apartments have been vintage walk-ups (and all within like a mile of each other), I think it’d be cool to cycle through different neighborhoods and types of buildings. Though, sigh, we should have taken advantage of being neighbors a little more this year.

    1. Congrats on the new apartment, but sad that you’ll be leaving the ‘hood. Somehow there must be a way to integrate running and burlesque. 🙂

      1. If only Declan would come out of hiding, if anyone would have some creative suggestions it’d be him….

        Also, we STILL need to have the Wurst 5k Ever!

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