Training, April 7-13

Total Miles: 15
Total Time: 6 hours
Total Apartment Showings: 6

Monday AM: 2.55 mi in 26min, 10:09 pace. I got out the door. Before work. On a Monday.
Monday PM: 1 hour of jumping on trampolines. My friend April and I bought Groupons a while back for Sky High Sports in Niles. Basically … a large warehouse space full of giant trampolines. It was a workout!

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 4.14.47 PM

Tuesday AM: 3mi in 29min, 9:43 pace. 
Tuesday PM: Appointment with Apartment People. No Showings.

Wednesday AM: 3.1mi in 29min, 9:27 pace. Three days in a row of running before work? Who am I?
Wednesday PM: 1 hour of Burlesque Class. Learned some new choreography. Lots of butt shimmies. In various positions.
Saw an apartment after. Probably the worst apartment I’ve ever seen in my history of apartment searching, and that includes college. The back door had a 2×4 bolted over it … ? It wasn’t even in a bad area. Plus the living room “windows” were the thick glass that’s normally in bathrooms. Weird.

Thursday: Rest. Saw an apartment. It was nice, but a bit more expensive than we want, plus we both agreed it was overpriced for the size & neighborhood.

Friday PM: 1hr 30min Adult Beginner Ballet at the Joffrey Academy. So way back in January, I went to a ballet class and it was kind of a fail. I’ve honestly been too chicken to go back. But I thought if I could get through a class at another studio, maybe I would feel confident enough to go back to the scene of my failed class. And, um, the Joffrey is kind of a big deal (and not too far from my office), so I was also very curious what their classes are like. The class was great, but you definitely have to know the basic ballet moves. (For the record, I am terrible at remembering the terms – it’s all in French. I’m also terrible at remembering combinations at the barre, and choreography. Haha.)

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 4.15.03 PM

Sewing the straps on my new ballet slippers from Dressed to Groove dancewear store

Saturday: Rest. Saw four apartments, so it didn’t feel very restful.
#1 – Decent location, gut rehab, but odd layout.
#2 – Huge loft, awesome location, but didn’t really have an actual bedroom.
#3 – Apartment already rented, appointments cancelled 🙁
#4 – Awesome apartment! Out of the way location. Too far from things like … L stations.
#5 – Great neighborhood! But kind of crappy apartment and doofy landlord.

Sunday Lunchtime: 6.23mi in 1:06, 10:34 pace. The weather dropped like 20 degrees from the time I got dressed for my run (I even put on sunscreen!) to the time I actually got out the door. I changed into a long sleeve shirt, but kept on my tempo shorts. I forgot where to apply all the Body Glide and chaffed. And my shoes might be done. I wanted to do at least 8 miles but had to cut it short due to pain in various places.

So the apartment search continues, and I’ll keep trying to convince myself I’m a morning runner. And, you know, butt shimmies.

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8 Comments on “Training, April 7-13”

    1. I do track the mileage on all of my shoes, and these shoes should not be giving me issues! Although I bought them online, on sale through Running Warehouse, so I wonder if they were sitting around for awhile before I got them, and starting to break down?

  1. Pretty sure the pain I have been feeling for the past week and a half was due to shoes being at mileage… You would think I would have figured that out quicker…

    1. It was, although it’s not very exciting, and after like 20 minutes, you’re just kind of like, OK, what else? But there isn’t much else. If I was a kid I’m sure it’d be super fun.

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