Training, March 31 – April 6

So we’re 7 weeks to the Soldier Field 10 and 9 weeks to Ragnar, and then I officially start training for the Chicago Marathon. I guess I should actually start getting back into a training mindset. For the record, I’m not actually following any kind of training plan right now, other than “run a respectable amount and try to get in some regular strength workouts.” (TM)

These posts are more for me, so move along if they bore you. 

Monday AM: 2.15 mi run in 23 min, 10:38 pace.
I am NOT a morning person, so when I do get up early to run, I don’t have high expections. This was the day after the Shamrock Shuffle, and my shins started bugging me (usually a sign that the shoes I’m wearing aren’t doing it for me).
Monday PM: 50 minutes* of Pilates megaformer at Body R+D.
*I love and hate the Brown Line. I love that it’s the “nicest” of the L lines, but hate how slow it is. I was late to my class (it’s an hour long).
After class, I biked ~2 miles on a Divvy.

Tuesday AM: 3.13 mi run in 30 minutes, 9:38 pace.
I wore my trusty Brooks Adrenalines and this run felt GREAT! What? They never feel great in the morning.

Wednesday PM: Burlesque class, 1 hour. 

Thursday Lunchtime: Yoga class, 1 hour.
My work offers free classes at the office via CorePower Yoga, and I’m finally taking advantage.
Thursday PM: 4.18 mi in 39 minutes, 9:24 pace;
I “tempo-ed” the middle miles. I have not done much speedwork in the past few months. My body doesn’t understand anything other than easy-ish pace right now.

Saturday AM Lunch: 9.15 mi in 1:33, 10:11 pace.
Like I said, I’m not a morning person, so my weekend long runs generally happen late morning or early afternoon during the colder months. Anyway, the Chicago 50K was going on, so I got to run here and there with friends I saw on the course.

Sunday Lunch: 3.11 mi in 29 minutes, 9:24 pace.
Ever since I attempted to take ballet a few months ago, and left class early because I was feeling faint, I’ve been telling myself to go back. I really meant to go to class today … but honestly, I chickened out and went for a run instead. Hmm.

Total miles: 21.7
Total time: 6hr, 35 minutes

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 9.27.47 PM

What’s in my gym bag? Burlesque class edition. (That would be a sequined bustier, elbow-length gloves, ballroom dance shoes and ballet slippers – having a sis-in-law who owns a dance studio & dancewear store has it’s perks.)

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 9.27.28 PM

Ran into Amanda (pacing/support) and Melanie (racing) during the Chicago 50K.


  • Our lease is up in a couple months and we’re planning on moving, so we are in the thick of apartment hunting, which can eat up our evenings with showings and what not. Goal is to get in some runs before work. And not go crazy from the joy that is apartment hunting.
  • Can I just say that I really like renting right now? I love that we spent one year here, in this neighborhood, and now we can pack up and move to a completely different part of Chicago if we want. It’s amazing. I dig it.
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8 Comments on “Training, March 31 – April 6”

  1. Nice training week. Yes agree with you that the Brown line is slow. Why in 2014 does the Brown Line 40 minutes to get to the Loop from Irving Park? When I was commuting downtown, I took Metra when possible which was 13 minutes from the Ravenswood stop.

    1. I’ve thought about taking the Metra, but I think with the amount of time it would take me to walk to the Ravenswood station, it would be a draw.

  2. So fun getting the peek of all the cool stuff inside your gym bag! And how awesome that you ran into Amanda and Melanie along the lakefront path!

    Yeah, the brown line can be annoyingly slow indeed. When the red and brown line are both options, I always take the red line. No question about it.

    Do you think you’re going to stay in your current neighborhood? Or are you looking to make a change? I am excited to find out what you decide. =)

    1. If we can find something, I would like to try a new neighborhood – that’s one of the few advantages of renting over buying – you can try something completely different! Plus, it would be nice to try out a different neighborhood before we do eventually commit to owning.

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