Why do we judge each other?

More and more lately, I’ve seen a few things pop up via blogs, social media, elsewhere, and it basically boils down to “what’s with all the judgement?”

Marrieds vs. singles, stay-at-home vs. work, breast feed vs. formula, organic vs. not organic vs. vegan vs. clean eats vs. processed food, fitfluential vs. fatfluential, healthy living blogs vs. GOMI, urban vs. rural, right vs. left, religious vs. atheist, serious runners vs. fun runners, etc etc etc … what’s with the judgement?

(I’m not saying everyone who falls under those labels [which is … everyone] is judgemental, I’m just illustrating that it happens everywhere … where there are choices to be made, there are judgements to be had.)

I’ve spent a lot of time (my entire life) around someone who is quite opinionated, and never shies away from sharing those opinions. Whether or not is is appropriate for the opinion to be shared, or welcome to be heard.

I learned early on how detrimental this can be to your personal relationships. So from that framework, I do my best to not judge. Anyone. Friends, enemies, strangers, celebrities. There is more to the story behind every choice you see someone making.

You know what not judging allowed me to? Learn. So much. Now when I see a differing choice, I don’t see a threat to the validity of my own choices (which I think is the basis of outward judgement – insecurity and then defensiveness).

Instead, I see a learning opportunity. Hey! This person is different from me! Cool! Let’s learn from each other.

There will always be someone making a different choice than me. And that’s what makes the world such an interesting place. The fact that there are so many different choices to be made, we can each create a life that is uniquely our own. My life is perfect for me. And your life is perfect for you. Isn’t it amazing that we’re free to create our lives that way?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all took the time to learn about each other’s differences instead of trying to tear them down, just because they’re different?


Every post needs a picture, so here is something really different … a surfboard in Chicago. Maybe they just moved here and realized winter never ends. Or maybe it’s a paddleboard. Either way … it was deemed useless in this frozen city.