Thanks to an invite from Katie, I was able to attend LUNAFEST last night at The Museum of Broadcast Communications. The evening started with booze (beer, wine and a “summer cocktail” [cruel name given the single digit temps] – vodka and mango lemonade). I got a drink and then got in a really long food line. The food was tasty but to be honest, the portions were small, and I never made it to what was apparently “the cheese table.” 

I settled into my seat among bloggers, ready for the show to start.


Photo from Katie – pictured are Erica, me, Katie, Kelly 

LUNAFEST is a screeing of short films “by, for, about women,” but it’s also a fundraiser. 85% of last night’s proceeds benefitted the Step Up Women’s Network. I’m semi-familiar with SUWN, as my college pal Cassie is the managing director of their Chicago office.


Oh hai, Cassie

The evening included nine short films from a variety of perspectives. I really enjoyed “Granny’s Got Game,” about a senior basketball league, “First Match,” about a girl on her school’s wrestling team, “Date with Fate,” about a divorced couple set up on a blind date, and “Maria of Many,” about an immigrant woman wanting a better life for her children.

LUNAFEST – 2013/2014 Season Trailer from Clif Bar & Company on Vimeo.

After the films ended, dessert was served. Erica, Maureen and I opted to get into the coat check line first, and by the time we got through it … dessert was gone. Whomp, whomp.

But the night wasn’t over for me! I went to see my friends Teresa and Donovan perform with their band Torch Singer at Township in Logan Square. Luckily I got there shortly after they went on. They’re pretty groovy. Rock ‘n roll for I’m-too-old-to-be-an-actual-hipster 30-somethings.


Were you at LUNAFEST last night? What was your favorite film? If you’re interested, LUNAFEST screenings are still happening all over the country, including a couple more in the Chicago area.

Also, I’m trying to convince Torch Singer to do a charity show for my ACS fundraising at Revolution Brewery this summer. If I can find at least 50 people willing to attend. 

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  1. I was bummed I missed Lunafest due to class. Turns out class was kind of a wash so I probably would have had more fun at Lunafest! Although, was it the same people doing the food who did it at Esprit de She? I thought the portions were ridiculously small there, too.

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