What I Drank Wednesday

I skipped last week, so you get TWO weeks of my booze! Thank you, nerdy programmers, for Untappd.

2 Fridays ago: Dinner with a friend/former co-worker. We tried to think of a new restaurant to check out … but ended up “settling” on our fave, Au Cheval. But first, we had to enjoy happy hour properly, so we stopped at CH Distillery.


I had “The Baron Takes Tea” – Earl Gray infused gin, lemon, simple syrup, egg white, soda. It was awesome. I believe my companion had a Manhattan. Or an Old Fashioned? Maybe that.

After one round, we headed to Au Cheval, put our name on the list, and went next door to Lone Wolf while we waited for them to text us that our table was ready.


I had a London Porter by Meantime Brewing Company and we ordered some carby/cheesey appetizers.


At Au Cheval, I had a Kentucky Common by Local Option Bierwerker with dinner. Guys … this beer is a dark sour ale. Sour and stouty, two of my favorite types of beer. I was in heaven.

^^ So that evening was the highlight of my drinking for the month so far.

The following night, the Mr. and I went to Stage 773 for a Vaudezilla burlesque show. I wore make-up! I love make-up, but I don’t wear it often, so it warranted a selfie-fest.


So Vaudezilla … it was an awesome show! [Pictures aren’t allowed, but they had a professional taking pics.] All of the perfomances were to a live band, which was fun, and the headliner was Jolie Goodnight, who is an amazing singer and dancer. Yes, she took her clothes off while singing. Anywho, while we were waiting in the lobby, I had an “A Little Crazy” by Revolition. 

Last week, I was sick-ish. Monday I felt feverish and achey, and then I felt nauseous until the weekend. So no drinking. [I promise you I’m not with child.]

On Saturday, we went to Dan Savage’s HUMP Film Fest at the Music Box. It was thoroughly entertaining. I enjoyed a Goose Island 312 during the screening. After we found seats, the hubs went out to the lobby to get drinks. Apparently there is a one-drink limit, so he got me a 312, and water for himself. (Well, us, ha.) Seriously, he’s so good to me.

This past Monday was supposed to be Pint Night, but you may remember we had just a bit of snow.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 8.46.20 PM

So instead I ran on the treadmill in my office building and had a Stella at home, since that’s all we had cold. So this is the third month in a row that I didn’t make it to Pint Night.

What have you been drinking lately? Anything good?

Have you been to Au Cheval? What’s your favorite dish? I have tried many things there, my favorites are the burger, the open-faced ham & cheese, and the fries with mornay sauce, garlic aoli & fried egg. And if you’ve never been … GO. NOW. 

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13 Comments on “What I Drank Wednesday”

  1. I was at HUMP Saturday night too!! What a fun show, afterwards we walked down the street to Coobahs and had fantastic mojitos.. I went to Au Cheval on Sunday before the Justin Timberlake concert, I’ve been there a few times before and they never disappoint. My favorite is the fried bologna sandwich, and of course the addicting fries. I ordered the Stiegl Radler, perfect crisp beer to go with all the rich food I devoured.

    1. HUMP was so entertaining. I thought the E.T. one was … wrong, but I think the Magic one (where he cloned his girlfriend) was great.

      I think the fried bologna is one of the few things I haven’t tried yet … I’ll have to try it next! I’ve had the Stiegl Radler before elsewhere, and I agree, it’s nice and crisp. But I love grapefruit juice.

    1. nothing wrong with being a cheap date. I prefer a low tolerance. sometimes I get way too full trying to drink enough beer to maintain my buzz. solution = gin & tonic, make it a double.

  2. Egg white? In a drink?? Interesting. Did you notice it, other than maybe some frothyness?

    I did Pint Night all wrong on Monday, in that I ran but didn’t have a beer. Fail. 🙁

    1. I think egg white sounds weird too, but I think it’s common in a few classic cocktails, like a Gin Fizz. I didn’t really taste egg in the drink, but I definitely noticed frothyness.

    1. I have been trying to venture into whiskey as well. I’ve had some good whiskey and bourbon based cocktails recently, I need to pay more attention to what’s in them so I can recreate them at home (or order something similar elsewhere).

  3. I am not knowledgeable about all the drinks out there so I “stay safe” and go with classics…like last week I had a dirty Shirley Temple (in her honor) and a mimosa. Crazy, I know. (And don’t you hate when people assume you can only be pregnant when you don’t feel well?! Argh!!!!)

    1. Well, I was starting to get paranoid that I was pregnant! Even though I hadn’t missed a period or was late or anything like that … it was just weird for me to be nauseous for almost 5 straight days. Even when I have a stomach bug, the nausea lasts for 24 hours. To be sure, I took a preg. test and it was negative. I just needed that reassurance. Luckily the nausea ended a couple days later.

      Anyway, the drinks. For a loooong time, I would just go with my old standby, a gin & tonic, or beer or wine. Now, I looooove poring over a specialty cocktail menu and ordering something fun and original.

  4. Mmmm, CH Distillery. I still think about the drink I had there. So good.

    And Lone Wolf? Never noticed it! I’ll have to check that out. I’ve only been to Au Cheval for brunch but would love to go back.

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