January in Review

Miles ran: 39
Worked out for: 17.8 hours
Races (not really raced): 1
Internet friends met in person: 2 (this might be worthy of a separate post)


New Years Day run in the snow

SnowFunRun2014 009 Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 2.25.35 PM

S-No-W Fun Run with the Wurst Running Club Ever


So much snow.


We painted. (These are the strangers we painted with.)


It was cold. So very cold.


Moar photoboothz

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 10.37.29 AM

Three Dots and a Dash. Went there for a work function. You know who likes to party? Digital marketers.


True story: I had a little party with friends to watch Flowers in the Attic on Lifetime. It was just as campy as we hoped it would be.


Did it ever stop snowing?


The days are getting longer.


Have a goal race. So yeah, there’s this little race called the Chicago Marathon

52 or more strength workouts. Went to 5 classes at oneBody Pilates studio. (Can you tell I was using up a Groupon before it expired?) I really like this studio! They currently offer combined mat/equipment classes (the equipment being the “spring wall”), limited to four students per class. All of the classes I took were with Nicky, and she’s excellent. With the small class size, you get very personal attention and constant feedback on your form (in a friendly, supportive way). I highly recommend checking out oneBody if you like Pilates or are interested in trying it.

24 or more “fun” workouts. I made it to three burlesque classes at Vaudezilla, half of a ballet class at Rast, and a Barre Judo class at Creative Motion. Burlesque is so fun, I plan to write a post about why every woman should take a class. I haven’t made it back to ballet since my “episode” (partly scheduling, partly being lazy/embarrased) but I’m determined to go back. And Barre Judo sealed it for me – “aeorbics” style classes just aren’t my thing.

Zero balance on all credit cards. Working on it.

Read 12 books. I started it in December, but I finished Orange is the New Black, and then watched the first season on Netflix. The book was good – interesting, but the writing left a little to be desired. However, I really got into the Netflix show, which obviously took some creative license. AND, I finished a second book! Whoa, overachiever. Book #2 was Prodigal Summer, which I started to read years ago, but couldn’t get into. Not sure why, I really enjoyed it this time around, and highly recommend it.

Once a month, host something. Success! Invited some friends over to watch Flowers in the Attic on Lifetime. I even made snacks (reuben bites for the win, even though due to dietary restrictions/preferences, only my brother and I ate them) and sangria. #SoFancy  Anywho, if you read the book as a young lady, you might enjoy Lifetime’s campy movie version. (As for my brother, he tagged along because he didn’t want my sis-in-law driving alone in the snow. #TrueLove)

Volunteer. As I mentioned, I’ve decided to once again run the Chicago Marathon on behalf of the American Cancer Society. This year I’m taking it up a notch, and applied to be a team mentor. But stay tuned for my fundraising raffles and events. I also applied to join the Taproot Foundation. (If that org sounds cool to you, especially if you support the arts, you should also check out the Arts & Business Council of Chicago. I have  volunteered with them as well.)

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4 Comments on “January in Review”

  1. Love your pictures! Especially the ones of the frozen Chicago River.

    Yay for running the Chicago Marathon again this year! I am excited to hear how your training progresses, and I think you are going to really enjoy being a team mentor!

  2. Yes! Tell us about meeting those bloggers!

    I love that you are trying new classes and doing so much cross training. And I think burlesque sounds like a hoot (yes, I said hoot. I am an old lady now, apparently).

  3. Burlesque IS a hoot! 😉

    I’m not sure if I’ll post about the other bloggers. Neither of them still blog, so I don’t know how “out there” they want to be. We met via LiveJournal, back when that site was popular. I might post in a way that doesn’t really talk about them specifically.

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