Brooks is Doing Cool Stuff in Chicago This Weekend

… and they asked me to share it with you. Brooks has been good to me in the past, so I’m happy to oblige.


Did you know that Chicago was voted the most Transcend-ent running city in the country? I don’t really know what that means, but because of it, Brooks is doing cool stuff. The coolest being that they are donating $10,000 to the Active Transportation Alliance’s Friends of the Lakefront Trail initiative. That’s pretty badass! Specific projects include “alleviation of congested areas, improved access points, and intersection improvements as well as long-term initiatives such as the reconstruction of the northern segment of Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive.”

To celebrate Chicago and the arrival of the Transcend, Brooks’ most plush running shoe (editor’s note: plush? interesting), the company is hosting two cool events. You may have already heard about their Midnight Odyssey Run at Fleet Feet in Old Town. If you’re interested in attending, doors open friday at 11:30pm, and the run takes off at midnight, followed by a post-run party. Read more about it on or Fleet Feet’s website (where you can also RSVP). My stalkers will be sad to know I have prior plans and won’t be there.

But! Saturday! Brooks will be on the Lakefront Trail, installing runner amenities including warming stations complete with hot chocolate, hats, blankets, hand warmers and much more to heat up during your frosty run. There will also be try-on stations where you can test out the Transcend for yourself. I may actually drag my lazy butt to the LFT on Saturday. It sounds like they will be setting up near North Avenue between 8am – 2pm.

What improvement do you wish would be made to the Lakefront Trail? 

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15 Comments on “Brooks is Doing Cool Stuff in Chicago This Weekend”

  1. I’m so bummed that I probably won’t be able to make it to either event – I love my Brooks Ravennas! And I’m super intrigued by “plush” shoes 🙂 I dunno, maybe I can drag myself down to the lake in the morning and knock a couple miles out before Bob and I have our first personal training session, bright and early at the crack of 11:30.

      1. Getting up that early, I’ll barely be able to stay awake for the clothing swap.

        Do you wanna go to the LFT together? or are you planning to run there or something crazy like that?

        1. I do want to get in a run before getting home and cleaning/cooking for the swap, but I might be up late Friday night. So, not sure what time I’d be ready to go.

  2. Year-round bathrooms and water fountains would be awesome! I understand there are logistical reasons for locking the bathrooms…but it is a year-round facility with only warm weather amenities. At least the county forest preserve district puts up portolets when they close their prison-style bathrooms! And if all else fails, well, it’s a forest….

    1. Yes! Year-round bathrooms would be fantastic. Even if it was just on the weekends. On the trail near my parents house (Old Plank Road Trail), the local towns manage their own facilities. Some have actual bathrooms, some portolets, some nothing. But in Frankfort, they at least unlock the bathrooms on the weekends during the winter. During the week, we would run into the local pizza place before our group runs. But it would be nice if the LFT at least gave us bathrooms on the weekends. Otherwise, I guess you run to Starbucks?

      1. No running to Starbucks! Lol….just some very uncomfortable running. I got a membership to Morton Arboretum, winter running (plowed) and heated bathrooms with post-run coffee was an easy sell, so I found an alternate that is also a shorter drive. And it’s hilly!

  3. I totally recommend stopping by! The bus came to the running store I work at and they hooked us up with the freebies they’re handing out–the blankets, hats, blueberry popcorn, etc. I ran for the second time in my free Brooks hat this morning and I totally love it. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Hmm, I do need to do a long run on Saturday. But, I usually run south and North Ave beach is too far north for my usual runs. I think the LFT needs something to draw people further south! Or maybe not because I like that it’s not crowded. Or, wait, I know, we need a pedestrian tunnel at Jackson and LSD. It takes forever to cross at that light!

    1. Personally, while I enjoy running closer to downtown, the trail obviously gets more congested the closer you get. North of Fullerton is very pleasant. So, I would enjoy it! Especially in the summer when the trail gets so full of bikes, walkers and roller bladers. I sometimes turn around at Fullerton just to avoid during peak times.

      There should be something connecting Grant Park to the LFT! I can’t believe there isn’t, now that you mention it. Considering how many there are on the north end, around Lincoln Park.

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