One of my co-workers thought I was younger than I am. I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or worried. Sure, looking younger is great. But does that also mean I act younger? Does that mean I’m immature? Not really, if I was thought to be 26 or 28. Those are respectable ages. So … I’m old enough that being thought younger is now totally flattering

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Well, you’re only as old as you feel, and I do feel about 26 most days.

I’m no Emma Stone. A fellow ginger friend and I were sharing our “celebrity look-alikes” (based on what others have told us). I recently got told that I look like Nicole Kidman, which is something I used to hear a lot when I was waiting tables (and didn’t have bangs, and always had my hair pulled back). In 2002, when Nicole was 34, that didn’t bother me. But now she’s 46. Does that mean I look 46? (Or 26??? So conufsed right now.) Why am I not being compared to a ginger closer to my actual age, specifically, 25-year-old Emma Stone? Let’s just pretend the people doing the comparing don’t know who Emma Stone is, so this says more about their age … right??

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Scratch that, they’re both hot. Keep the comparisons coming. 

I relate to the parents more than the kids on My So-Called Life. MS-CL was my show when I was a tween/teen. But when I watch it now, I’m all “These damn flighty teenagers!! Don’t be so mean to your mom!” Also … my Angsty TV Show of my Youth is now 20 years old. Damn. 

However, despite my actual age (31), I refuse to give into the whole “I’m in my 30s, I like to go to bed early and stay in on the weekends and I’m too tired to go dancing.” No, thank you.