Well that was embarrassing

Sooooo remember when I set my 2014 goals and I was all blah blah blah do more “fun” workouts? Well, sometime last fall, I bought a Lifebooker deal for ballet classes near my apartment. Finally, tonight, I went to class. Even though I’ve taken ballet for years, it’s been years since I did, so I started with the beginner class.

Class was at 7:45pm, and I only had a small snack after getting home from work. (Lunch was a salad from Protein Bar … I’ve gained back half the weight I lost, lay off.)

I started class wearing some warm-ups (leg warmers and a knit top) over my leotard & tights. And positioned myself in the back corner or the room. Which was also the side with the space heater, apparently.

Oh and I’m on my … lady business right now.

Luckily, the barre work wasn’t that difficult for me, so I was breezing through the moves.

But my feet kept cramping up. My ballet slippers felt really tight.

And I was getting warm.

And then I started feeling light-headed.

I tried stepping out of the studio, into the hallway, to cool down. Luckily the teacher was very nice while I was walking out of class.

After a couple minutes, I returned to the barre… and still felt faint.

This just wasn’t happening tonight. I’ve fainted enough in my life to know when to say when. It was time to say when.

So I excused myself and went home.

Slightly embarrassed, but luckily the teacher was nice about it.

Hopefully, I can attempt class again next week. And I will eat dinner first, not wear my warm-ups (I think I left my leg warmers there anyway, oops), position myself on the opposite side of the room, wear better slippers (ordering a new pair now) and not be on my period (I point out that I am so no one comments with maybe you’re preggers! because as I was gathering my things to leave I thought to myself crap, should I buy a pregnancy test? and remembered oh yeah, on the rag).

But ballet is fun and the teacher seems nice, as do the other students, so I am kind of bummed my body wasn’t cooperating with me tonight.

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 8.54.12 PM


Cheer me up … what embarrassing situations have you been in lately? 

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15 Comments on “Well that was embarrassing”

  1. Aww that’s the worst when something like that comes over you! I recently wore a striped bra under a blouse at work, thinking it wasn’t a big deal and it wasn’t see through. Evidently it was see through. Didn’t know until some middle aged fat lawyer I’ve never met sees me at the water cooler and says “I really like that top on you.” What a creep. I walked around with a scarf tied around my chest like a mummy the rest of the day. Dying!

  2. Oh gosh! I am happy you got out of there before you did faint! I have had that sick fainting feeling before and man, you feel so out of control!

    LOL, why the “lay off!” about eating a salad? I often have salad for lunch. Hee hee. This reminds me of when Steven and I first starting making lunches together and I had to tell him that yes, a salad can be yummy and filling! 🙂

    Hmm, embarrassing situations. Gosh. It takes a lot to embarrass me. In fact, I don’t think you should feel embarrassed about this. You did what was smart for you and a good instructor would know that and not judge you for it. Ha ha. Okay, here is one. We had chili for dinner Sunday and Steven says I farted so loud that night in my sleep that I woke him up. Not really embarrassing, but funny 🙂

    1. the “lay off” was just me being silly. salads can be filling! actually, as a former employee of the Olive Garden, I can tell you that salads can also be incredibly unhealthy.

      and I love your fart story. that is hilarious.

  3. It would have been way more embarrassing if you had fainted! I’m sure the teacher understood! Hopefully you are feeling better today.

    Are you taking class so that you can win the sausage dance next year? 😉

  4. Don’t be embarrassed. You were smart to not keep going and smash your head into anything and split it open and bleed all over the place. That would have been embarassing!

    The period stuff really affects us more than just cramps. I’ve been reading how it makes our temps higher and makes our electrolytes out of whack.

    My embarassing story- (kinda) I started bikram yoga and thought it would be way easy. After 10 minutes I had to lay down the rest of the class because I felt so dizzy. At least I know I rock at savasna “corpse” pose.

    1. Very interested about the period stuff. The second time I ever fainted, I was like 12 or something, and on my period, and my mom (the nurse) blamed that. Also, I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga, but now I’m a little scared to. Maybe I’ll stick to regular yoga for the time being.

      However, I’ve never felt faint while running, even in 90-degree temps. But I always fuel properly before running. Duh, dance class should be the same.

  5. My Freshman year of college during my team’s recruitment weekend for skating to welcome incoming students to try out for our team, we had a “mock try out” and I fell on my head and got a major concussion. I fell within the first half hour of our session and acted totally fine, got up and finished the two hour try out. When we were done I asked where I put my skate bag about 6 times, etc. and my teammates realized I had a concussion. Kinda more scary than embarrassing but I did not remember 7 hours of that day and did not have short term memory for three days. What WAS embarrassing was that my teammates remembered it my entire rest of college and called me “concussion Katie.” Oy.

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