More Christmas Cheer

I’m embarrased that I forgot to mention in my previous post an earlier Christmas festivity – the Wurst Christmas Dinner Ever. In their honor, I’ll try to leave lots of opportunities for TWSS in this post. (Edit: I think I only left one. Fail.)


Wurst Friends Forever

On Christmas Eve, my husband and I headed down to the Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza. His first time there! We bought a couple ornaments, glühwein, hot chocolate, and nuts. Who doesn’t love warm nuts?

And we exchanged gifts

Not pictured: LADY F-ING GAGA TICKETS!!!!!!! My gift to him focused on experiences together – membership to the Art Institute, a Paint Nite date night, a mosaics workshop, and a board game, Loaded Questions.

Christmas day was spent with my lovely fam.

Spending time with my soon-to-be nephew 🙂


Somehow my bro & sis-in-law were able to cram 19 adults and 3 small children (and, uh, Santa) into their house. Dinner was split into three tables – the Adult Adults (my parents, aunts, uncles), the Adults with Small Children, and the Not-So-Adult Adults. Guess which table I was at?

I guess the kids were good if Santa’s making a house call on Christmas

We had another hilarious White Elephant exchange. I don’t know if this is actually a hat, but it makes a pretty sweet one, yes? My husband and I lucked out and ended up with the only two useful gifts – four bottles of Heet for our car, and a box that included cookies and candy (which he left behind, unintentionally – it’s typical that the crappy gifts are left behind, often hidden somewhere in the host’s home).

My parents and their children, children-in-law and grandchild <3

Running off all the Christmas cookies on the LFT the day after.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Get ready to get barraged by my end-of-the year posts!!!!!

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8 Comments on “More Christmas Cheer”

  1. You know, our holiday Pint Night seems like such a long time ago that i kind of forgot that it was actually part of holiday celebrations. Which is to say, I didn’t even notice. Because I’m the Wurst.

    On another note, can we all get W.F.F. necklaces? But instead of a heart, obviously it’d be two halves of a bratwurst.

  2. I miss the huge holiday dinners we used to have when I was a kid. Now, the family is scattered across the country and it’s been ages since we all got together.

    Also, good god the lakefront looks cold. Eff that.

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