Not yet Christmas Eve (as I write this), and I’m full of Christmas cheer.

My department’s holiday party. Booze, gag gifts, and it lasted about 7 hours (lunchtime to dinnertime). I really enjoy my job and co-workers. I’m no longer salty that my job search took so long. I think I found a really fantastic fit, and these things take time.

momdad-diymessiah magrob-diymessiah

Attended what I think was my 9th Do-It-Yourself Messiah on Friday night. I attended my first in 2002 (I missed a few years in there). I’m not really a singer, but I enjoy attending this event with my parents, who are both excellent singers, and my husband even enjoys coming along (it was his idea to attend this year). We always sit with my dad in the bass section because I think my whisper-voice is in that range.

We lucked out this year! Our families are celebrating Christmas on different days. We can fully celebrate with both sides! On Saturday we celebrated with my husband’s family, including my goofy and adorable niece and nephew. I’m not sure what they liked more – their presents, or the giant box one of their presents came in.


vera-littlegoat maggie-littlegoat



Lunch at Little Goat and then hot chocolate and presents with my besties Vera and Scott (and not pictured is Scott’s roomie Alex).

So this has been my first holiday season working in retail (at the corporate level). It’s been weird. I’ve been working on at least one Christmas-related project since I started in June, and I think I spent more time thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving (preparing for everything launching on Thanksgiving or Black Friday) than during December. I was in the office today working on something, and had to remind myself that Christmas hasn’t actually happened yet. I’m all mixed up.