Monday: Pint Night! Total = 4.74 mi in 49 minutes, 10:14 pace.

Tuesday: Nothing. Rest?

Wednesday: Before work on the Riverwalk & Lakefront Trail. 4.4 mi in 45 minutes, 10:13 pace.

Thursday: Before work again on the RW & LFT. 3.5 mi in 37 minutes, 10:34 pace.

Friday: Gross weather in the AM, and, you know, Fridayness in the PM.

Saturday: Pilates with Props (hand weights), 1 hour. Failed Beer Run.

Sunday: 7.01 mi in 1hr 11min, 10:11 pace. To Montrose Harbor, did a few trips up Cricket Hill.

Total miles: 19.7
Total time: 4hr, 22min


Pint Night with Erin, Lil Erin, and Pete.

#seenonmyrun #latergram #seenonmyrun #latergram

I think this was Thursday.

You gotta pet her so she can feel it #catsofinstagram #niecesofinstagram

^^ The reason I missed the run part of the Beer Run. (My niece, not my rotten cat.)


Revolution Brewery Beer “Run”. Only 2/5 of those pictured ran. And we didn’t make it to the brewery tour. Wurst Beer Run Ever. But I came home with a growler. Winning. Pictured: Eric, Maureen, Anne, me, Erin.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 4.04.25 PM

It’s a good thing I took this picture, because I left these at the bar. Oops.

View of Chicago skyline from Cricket Hill #latergram #seenonmyrun

Sunday’s run. View from the top of Cricket Hill.