Training, Nov 11-17

I don’t really know if “training” is appropriate, since the only races I have coming up are an 8K and a 5-miler (TOTALLY DIFFERENT DISTANCES, FYI). But, my workouts have kind of fallen off since moving and starting a new job, so maybe this will help me stay accountable. Plus it’s an excuse for a post, and I’m sure you’ve noticed those have dropped off too. (Or not, whatever.)

Monday: Pilates, 1 hour.

Tuesday: Run before work – 4.1 mi in 00:39, 09:24 pace.

Wednesday: Did other stuff.

Thursday: So much sinus congestion. I thought I was done with this for the season. Guess not.

Friday: Run before work – 3.67 mi in 00:34, 09:23 pace.

Saturday: Strength class led by Kim at Essential Fitness, 1 hour.

Sunday: Run before the crazy storms – 6 mi in 00:58, 09:37 pace.

Total miles: 13.77
Total time: 4hr, 11min

Running before work makes me feel like I really have my life together #latergram #seenonmyrun #ChiLFT

Most favorite view #latergram #seenonmyrun #chiLFT

I’ve been struggling with getting into a running schedule. And now that it’s dark before I leave the office at 5pm, it’s even harder. My new plan is to head to the office early, dressed to run, drop off my stuff, run by the lake, shower at the office and start my day at 9am. This works for me because it gives me time to wake up during the train ride downtown (I struggle with rolling out of bed and almost immediately running or working out), plus the sun is up during my run. And when the workday ends, I can head home or head to Pilates or another class, or do some weights/core in the fitness center at my office. (So far I’ve just been heading home though.) We’ll see how it goes. Plus, as you can see from above, the view ain’t bad.

Screen shot 2013-11-17 at 7.48.22 PM

After our class with Kim. She’s a fitness expert, can’t you tell? She made us use restraints! I mean, resistance bands. She called them resistance bands.

Other highlights this week (that I photographed):

Cutest lunch date ever

My sis-in-law and niece were downtown on Monday, so they met me for lunch by my office 🙂

First snowfall

It snowed on Monday. This is some … “art” outside of a bar near our place. I mean, nowhere near our place. Plz don’t stalk me if you recognize this.

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7 Comments on “Training, Nov 11-17”

  1. Awww… but I was totally going to stalk you until you told me not to :-p

    Totally kidding… I actually don’t recognize that bar art at all… but it is really cool. Especially with the snow/ice on it

  2. Bondage is kind of like working out, right???? That’s what Kim told me anyway…

    It was so nice meeting you Saturday! I’m looking forward to the race in January and seeing you all again!

  3. Your running from work plan seems like a good idea. Plus, it will make people think you are a hard worker, if they see you going in the building so early! 🙂

  4. Yay for training recaps! I write mine for the same reasons. 😉 Not ever really “training” for anything.

    Your morning run plan sounds perfecto! Especially if it means we get to keep seeing cool Chicago pics! And maybe more with SNOW!!!! (uh, once it snows again)

  5. I love that turn as you are coming from Navy Pier – it’s one of my favorite spots on the path!

    I am so crashing the next fitness class with Kim – looks like a blast!

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