Spectating the 2013 Chicago Marathon

I didn’t decide where I would be on the course spectating until yesterday, and didn’t tell anyone or post anything regarding where to look for me. And I didn’t make a sign or bring snacks to hand out. It was just me and my camera (until the battery died) on the side of the course. Kind of failed at spectating a little. Oh well. It was still fun! It’s the Chicago Marathon!

I got up around 6:30am and put on the most ridiculous outfit I could manage that I could still run in.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 3.45.59 PM

I ran to the Lakefront Path, and crossed the pedestrian underpass near Addison and headed south on the east side of Inner Lake Shore Drive for a couple blocks, and parked myself a few blocks north of mile marker 7. I didn’t make it in time to see the leaders of the wheelchair race, but I did get to see some of them.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 4.03.24 PM

I snapped a selfie before it got crazy.

Chicago Marathon 2013

At some point – I think after the wheelchair racers were going by but before the elites – I saw a blind runner go past with his guide – and I lost it. Literally. I started crying. Memo to people (husbands) who think gingers have no souls – we do. I guess I was a little emotional.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 4.07.15 PM

Course marshall

Chicago Marathon 2013

Here come the elites

Chicago Marathon 2013

Lead pack

Chicago Marathon 2013


Chicago Marathon 2013

Here come the lead ladies

Chicago Marathon 2013

Fast Women

Chicago Marathon 2013

There was a wall of runners with every pace group. Here’s a video of it later on:


Chicago Marathon 2013

Think he’s a fan of the American Sweathearts?? 🙂

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 4.17.23 PM


Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 3.50.58 PM

Annabelle and Declan! They spotted me. And look like they were having way too much fun, although it was only mile 7.

Lindsay also spotted me but I wasn’t fast enough to snap a pic of her.

Chicago Marathon 2013

I was able to get a pic of Eric. Barely.


And I spotted Dave Mari. He gets around 🙂


And The King.

I hoped to see some other friends, and stuck around until close to 10am, when they should all have passed me, and then ran home.

Now I’m letting the idea of Chicago 2014 roll around in my head. (Well, it was already rolling around in there.)

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  1. Lindsay is so fast I missed her, too! Actually I missed Declan and Pete as well. I’m the wurst spectator, ever. I blame it on the fact that I was probably telling someone to pour more Gatorade or something when they came by.

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