Giveaway: Chicago Marathon by Cape Horn Illustration

Recently, I was contact by Phil from Cape Horn Illustration, a local husband-wife illustration team doing neat Chicago illutrations.

My wife and I are behind Cape Horn Illustration, a small illustration outfit in Ravenswood. We kind of do work that speaks to our interests, and the first one was the Chicago Beer Map, an illustrated map of Chicago’s best beer bars. We do a lot with Chicago’s architecture and have started doing home and building portraits around town.

Since we absolutely love Chicago’s neighborhood, its architecture, lake, running really opened up the opportunity to explore all of it. It’s almost like doing research for our prints, because I run through neighborhoods and by buildings with really distinct architecture. I have run since cross country in high school, and my first long-distance race was the Chicago Half Marathon in 2011, and now I’m taking the plunge with the full marathon this October. I wanted to show the whole course as almost an abstract shape that has its own character while including illustrated vignettes that give a runner’s view of the course.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.20.56 PM


You can buy a 12×18″ print (all of them are signed) for $24 – or framed for $90 – a portion of sales will benefit Team Fox, which Phil is running for at the Chicago Marathon.

Or you can win one! Phil has agreed to give one print to a lucky reader! If you’d like a chance to win, leave a comment letting me know what the Chicago Marathon means to you, OR your favorite part of the Chicago Marathon course. (You do not have to have run the Chicago Marathon to enter.) Earn bonus entries for the following (include this in your comment).

I’ll pick one winner from the entries recieved by September 29.

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20 Comments on “Giveaway: Chicago Marathon by Cape Horn Illustration”

  1. I saw this posted the the other day! Super cool (he is a redditor)

    The Chicago Marathon means to me… a test of balancing my ego, with my time, duties as a father, and hunger as a runner into a time period I would normally have been sleeping through in college. Also a journey that has led me to meet a lot of the Wurst people in Chicago.

    And I like both on facebook, follow both on twitter.

  2. What a great print!

    What the Chicago Marathon means to me – It’s my first marathon so that’s special, but I’m most happy that I’ve been able to raise over $1,500 for the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of my uncle. I’m also really excited to run in new parts of the city since I’m often trapped in the UChicago library and can’t make it out of Hyde Park for races!

    I also liked you on Facebook and am now following you on Twitter!

  3. Oh cool! I saw this on your Pinterest last night (because I never log on) and was thinking about ordering one – I’m going to dedicate a wall to our race medals, and that’d look pretty cool with them. Though, admittedly, it does feel a little odd not having actually run the marathon, but we have a few other Chicago maps already, so it’d fit in.

    I’ve spectated the northern end of the marathon course in the past, and it is so cool to see these people who have trained SO HARD as they fly by. And I do have a friend who has run for Team Fox before too, in support of his dad who has Parkinson’s.

    I follow you on FB and twitter already 🙂

  4. This is such a great contest! Chicago Marathon was my first marathon, and such a memorable experience. Loved the North Side of Town and Little Italy, though the last half mile was by far my favorite, and everyone cheering made me finish the race really strong.

  5. That’s very cool! The Chicago Marathon means a lot to me… in high school my cross country team volunteered at a water station and I’ve been going to watch every year since! (luckily always coordinated with my fall break from college). I ran it for the first time in 2011 (my 2nd full marathon though) and even though I had a lot of family/friends there to cheer for me, I had barely trained so I did not do nearly as well as I had in my first marathon. But I’m running again this year and have been training hard and hope to make it my best yet!! So great to run through a city I love and have so many people here to support me! I’ll go follow you on twitter now too 🙂

  6. This is really COOL!!

    What Chicago Marathon means to me…Hometown run, being able to finally run after volunteering all these years, and able to do it while chasing my son who is running his first marathon!!! It is so epic to me, I haven’t cried after running a marathon….but this one I am pretty sure I will!!!

  7. Interesting! I’m a little confused, though, Why “Inaugural Marathon, 1905”?

    Anyway, my favorite part of the Chicago Marathon isn’t actually running it. It’s spectating and volunteering. When I stand on the sidelines and watch those 30,000+ people go by I smile the entire time. It lifts my spirit to see so many people participating, cheering, and volunteering.

    P.S. I follow you on both Facebook and Twitter

    1. According to Wikipedia, there was an annual marathon in Chicago from 1905-1920s. The “modern era” chicago marathon as we know it started in the 1970s. I think I have some race paraphernalia from the first one in 1977.

      1. Yeah you wouldn’t believe how many subtitles i went through. Oct 2013, Founded 1976, First Run 1977. In the end i wanted something that reflected the roots of the race and called back to chicagos past.

  8. Funny, I saw this on your Pinterest board the other day and thought it was a cool and unique Chicago Marathon poster. My favorite part of the marathon course is running on Lake Shore Drive from Diversey to Addison. I can’t count how many times I run in this area on normal runs, so experiencing it in a race like Chicago is surreal with thousands of spectators cheering you on!

    I follow on Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

  9. Sweet poster! My favorite part of the Chicago Marathon is going through Boystown – best spectators and performances going on. Plus it’s still pretty early in the race so you can enjoy it. By the time you get to Chinatown you’re pretty tired so it’s harder to appreciate the cool spectator shows.

  10. This is amazing! I picked up running in 2011 and am running the Chicago marathon as my first Marathon this year! I would love this print in my house!!!

  11. Oh! And my favorite part of the Chicago Marathon? Going crazy as a spectator to try and find people 5-6 times before the finish. My friend Jen and I have an amazing, fool-proof system:)

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