Swirlgear Giveaway WINNER

Thank you to everyone who pledged to the Swirlgear Kickstarter. While they did not reach their goal, they do have some very exciting news that I’m sure they will share soon on the Swirlgear Facebook page.

But, we will still have a winner of my giveaway! Congratulations to …

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 8.38.51 PM

Christy, from ChristyRuns.com aka My Dirt Road Anthem. (Also a fellow ginger and my wedding dress twin.)

She’s already been contacted, but stay tuned because I have another super fun giveaway coming up, and you don’t have to part with your money to enter! (Although technically you didn’t part with your money for the Swirlgear giveaway, becasue the Kickstarter didn’t reach it’s goal, no one’s credit cards were charged.)

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