Swirlgear Kickstarter … and Giveaway!

Earlier in the year, I joined Swirlgear as a brand ambassador. They are a Chicago-based, woman-owned company focused on making running gear that you want to wear. Sounds like the perfect brand partnership for me!


Showing off some Swirlgear with Nicole and Erin



It even works well at trapeze and acrobatics

Recently Swirlgear underwent some changes to be completely women-run. Their fall/winter 2013 line is ready for production, but they need some funds to make it a reality. To that end, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign. If they can raise $150,000, they can produce their fall line. And they are offering up some sweet deals if you support their Kickstarter (and they reach their goal):

  • Pledge $25 and get a Swirlgear capsleeve top.
  • OR pledge $35 and get a racerback tank from their new line.
  • OR pledge $50 for a long sleeve top from their new line.
  • OR pledge $100 and get three pieces of Swirlgear. (Pretty great deal! This is the amount I’m pledging.)
  • … it keeps going from there

Basically … pledge the cost of a top or three tops and you’ll get a top or three tops … if they reach their goal. Win win, yes?

And the best part, it’s risk-free. You don’t actually pay the money you pledge for a Kickstarter unless the Kickstarter hits the goal. So if you pledge, your credit card won’t be charged unless they hit $150,000 on Sept 18. If they don’t hit that goal, your credit card won’t be charged.

However, this means that Swirlgear doesn’t get any money unless they hit the $150,000 goal.

To encourage you to pledge, in addition to the great perks Swirlgear is offering, I’m offering you even more!

Whether or not Swirlgear hits their goal, if you pledge and leave a comment, I’ll pick one person on Sept 18 to win:

  • One capsleeve Swirlgear top
  • A foam roller (the one you’ll get is a raspberry/pinky-purple color)
  • Fast Women top of your choice
  • A pair of black Asics armwarmers
  • A pair cute Target knee socks (that can be cut into arm warmers or worn as socks)
  • A bottle of Mrs Meyers basil liquid handsoap – it’s my FAVORITE (and I have an extra unopened bottle)
  • Two Active Bands no-slip headbands – Skinny 5/8” Yellow Chevron and Black 3/4″ Glitter (which is really closer to tinsel than glitter)
  • Total value = $160 or so (depending on the Fast Women top you pick) 
  • And maybe if this gets a good response I’ll throw in more stuff! (With the exception of the Swirlgear top, everything is donated by me.) 

Enter by pledging to Swirlgear and leaving a comment to let me know how much. Every $5 you pledge = one entry. If you’ve already pledged, you can enter by increasing your pledge, and letting me know by how much! (Same deal – every $5 you increase you pledge = one entry.)

After you pledge, you can earn extra entries by sharing a link to this post via Facebook, Twitter or on your blog (just include that in your comment as well). One extra entry per time you share the link. And get yet another bonus entry if you attend the Flagship fundraiser! (Mention that in your comment as well.) And if I do add more stuff to the giveaway, anyone who has already entered will get an extra bonus entry. (So donate early!)


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