Have I ever posted these pictures? If so … here they are again! Shared only because they’ve already been uploaded to Flickr. (And why I uploaded them? I don’t remember.)

I was one of those SUPER involved kids in high school. Band (flute), volleyball, soccer, poms (dance team), mathletes, national honor society, and outside of school, I took piano lessons and was forced to go to CCD. And of course I took mostly honors/AP classes. I’ve always kind of been DO ALL THE THINGS. Well, except in college. I was not very “involved” in college. I regret that a little bit, in hindsight. Although I graduated with honors (with the lowest possible GPA to do so) and had a part-time job or internship almost every semester. So. Anyway.

High school.

High School

Dance team performance. I’m in the front row, second from your left. I think this was in 1998 or 1999, and we danced to “Thriller.” We wore sparkly jackets and one glove. I think my now sis-in-law is in the front row on the far right. Coach BFF Ultra Vera is in there too somewhere.

High School

Soccer (obvi). I think this was sophomore year. I was usually a left back, although sometimes a right back. The only time I ever scored a goal was on a penalty kick. (I think … the memory is a little fuzzy. Maybe I didn’t even score a goal then. No glory for soccer defenders.)

High School

Senior prom. Vera is the one standing in the purple dress. And typical that I’m wearing dark colors in a sea of pastels.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 8.18.39 PM

Graduation. Scott, Vera and me with our friend Dominic, who was an exchange student from Germany.

What didn’t I do in high school? Run. Unless there was a soccer ball involved. Which, actually, was a LOT of running.

What activities were you involved with in high school?

Do you still talk to any of your high school friends?
I’m still close to Vera and Scott, my now-sis-in-law Melissa, Genevieve, and a few other folks. It’s nice to have that kind of history with each other.