Jet Skiing

Money doesn’t buy happiness.
Do you live in America?
Because it buys a wave runner.
You ever see a sad person on a wave runner?
Have you? Seriously, have you?
Try to frown on a wave runner. 

Verdict: It’s not possible.

On Sunday, I bought happiness. I rented a jet ski (the internet tells me there is not much difference between a jet ski and wave runner, by the way). Sadly, I went the cheap route and rented it via a Groupon, so I only got a 30 minute ride. It was an awesome 30 minutes, I think my face looked like this for the first 10:

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 11.07.04 PM

I didn’t get any pictures of me on the jet ski becuase I was solo and taking a selfie on a jet ski would be stupid. But I did creep around 31st Street Harbor & Beach for some pictures afterward. (Not my first time.)

31st St Beach, Chicago

Chicago Jet Ski rentals runs a fine operation at the south end of the harbor. I had about a 15 minute wait for a jet ski to come back, so they let me use a stand-up paddleboard around the harbor at no additional charge.

31st St Beach, Chicago

The staff helping some other folks with their jet skis and banana boat.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 10.59.10 PM

Selfie on land.

31st St Beach, Chicago

31st Street Harbor.

31st St Beach, Chicago

31st Street Beach. (Just like North Ave Beach, but backward, yes?)

31st St Beach, Chicago


31st St Beach, Chicago

This is what I did, only not as close to other boats or jet skis.

31st St Beach, Chicago

When I was out on the jet ski, I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my mom (she’s the adverterous one), and I need to remember this move if we do.

31st St Beach, Chicago

Haters gonna hate.


So, funny story. When I saw the jet ski Groupon, I asked my husband if he wanted me to buy one for him, but he said no, he doesn’t like jet skiing. I thought that was weird, but he has a lot of weird likes/dislikes, and we’ve been together long enough that I just shrug and move on. (And I didn’t want to wait around for someone else to also buy the Groupon and then try to schedule a time to go together before the summer ends, so I figured I would just do this solo.)

After I got back from jet skiing, we were running errands, and I was telling him about the experience. Then I asked him what about jet skiing he doesn’t like, becasue frankly, I was curious. He said something about how he couldn’t really get a hang of it. I pried further – how do you not get the hang of it? He said his skis kept going underwater and he couldn’t stand up.

At which point I asked him if he meant he doesn’t like water skiing. I was talking about jet skiing. Your own personal water-motorcycle.

Turns out, he would have loved to go jet skiing!

Turns out, 6+ years of marriage is NOT enough to figure out this whole communication thing …

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17 Comments on “Jet Skiing”

  1. Oh gosh. Happy to hear I am not the only one who has communication issues at home. LOL!

    I see boats and jetskis on the lake/river and think it would be so fun if my dad brought his out here! I know he never would though, lol!

  2. next time, just say – lets have some fun on the water *wink wink* and then he can decide! Lets go make some waves, if you know what I’m saying!

    Looks like a fun time! Glad you got to experience it for the rest of of land lovers!

  3. That looks like tons of fun! I’m with your hubs on water skiing, that seems really hard and obviously I’d end up underwater for most of it, but jet skiing sounds awesome!

  4. I shall refrain from the obvious comment about how a guy in the Navy didn’t know the difference between two different watersports. Okay, I’m not refraining.

    I’m totally the opposite, though! I love waterskiing but jet-skiing freaks me out.

  5. This girl would not be happy on a jet ski! But then again I am a landlover for life. Matt and I constantly have miscommunications like this, and we’re not even married!

  6. bahahaha! that’s too funny, but i can see how if you’re not familiar with water sports there could be confusion. my parents have two jetskis up at their lake house, and i love them. there have been some near death experiences in the 15 years they have had them, but no official deaths yet. instead mainly smiles and only few tears 😉

  7. Ha! Rich and I had a similar conversation about how he didn’t like Thai food. So we never ate Thai food together for four years. Then finally I asked him what he had when we tried Thai because he loves curry and he said iced tea. Oy.

    1. Robert also proclaimed his hatred of Thai food after ONE trip to a Thai restaurant. Even though subsequent trips were more successful, and he LOVES Thai green curry, he kept claiming to hate Thai food. Weirdo.

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