Ginger Fail

This bizarre cool weather we’re having might suck for enjoying fun summer things like going to the beach. But for “lazy” runners like me, it’s awesome. I can sleep in, eat breakfast, and head out for a late-morning run without dying.

Chicago lakefront trail

Near Fullerton

Chicago lakefront trail

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 9.10.37 PM

Near North Ave

Chicago lakefront trail

Ohio St beach

Chicago lakefront trail

Oh hai

Chicago lakefront trail

BRB need to find a friend with a boat

Chicago lakefront trail

Chicago lakefront trail

Chicago lakefront trail

Olive Park

Chicago lakefront trail

Near Ohio St beach

Obviously a lovely day for a long run. However, I made a bonehead move and didn’t wear sunscreen because … I didn’t feel like it. Which is stupid for anyone, but especially stupid for a ginger like me. Did I think my skin would magically not burn?? Did I think the sun would be weaker around 11am? Did I think 90+ minutes in the sun would be good for my skin? I think I hoped that it would be cloudy, despite that there were barely any clouds in the sky when I left.



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11 Comments on “Ginger Fail”

  1. oh NOO! Hope it doesnt hurt too much! The sun is so deceiving… my dad got badly sun burned when he visited me in San Francisco years ago. It was cloudy and foggy the entire time!

    Those photos are all gorgeous, hope you print some out and hang them up on a wall! 🙂

  2. Woops! I hope you have plenty of lidocaine, that looks like it hurts 🙁

    I hardly ever leave the house without sunscreen in the summer, my pale, freckly complexion is just begging to get burned.

  3. my favorite place in the city is that olive park, on the northern inlet. love it. spent a lot of time there just staring at the city like a dweeb.

    yesterday i went to the beach in IN and forgot to put sunblock on, and my thighs are just as red as your back. hurt to sit last night. derp. suppose now we know.

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