Where I Run – Photo Challenge

This is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure I had enough pictures.

Time for another Runner Photo Challenge!

Where do you run? 

There are benefits and drawbacks of running in the city compared to the suburbs. In the burbs, I had miles of quiet roads and quiet intersections, and start at my front door and run uninterrupted for long stretches. Not so much in the city. Lately I’ve been running before work, which is a bit better, but running after work, at rush hour, is a bit stop-and-go.

Also in the burbs was easy access to high school tracks. Of the three different addresses I’ve had in the suburbs, there was always an accessible quarter-mile track within a few blocks. Even if one was under construction, I could drive to another one maybe 10-15 minutes away.

However, when it comes to finding running paths/trails in the city and the burbs, surprisingly, it’s a toss up. There are more options in the suburbs, but the city has two pretty great running paths:

The lessor-known North Branch Trail on the Chicago River

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 10.05.03 AM

Chicago River North Branch #seenonmyrun

And this little path called the Lakefront Trail

todays' run #latergram #runCHI #runCARA two weeks to #RnRCHI

There are even forest preseves in Chicago-proper, and it is possible to get lost in them

dress plaines river trail

My favorite place to run – races that go through city streets

Chicago Women's 5K

Your turn! This is a blog hop! Post about where you run and add your link! You can also add the blog hop code to the end of your post.

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