Last week, I took a week off between ending my old job and starting my new job, so I joked it was my week as a full-time blogger.


Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.21.25 PM

Marie was in town, so Amy and I met up with her and her friends.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.00.57 PM

Bloggers before the Chicago Women’s 5K.

My “relaxing week off to recharge” actually became “unpack, clean, set up the apartment, run errands, call Comcast 20 times.” Slightly less relaxing, but you know, first world problems.

Speaking of which, unpacking stuff that has been in storage for three years (basically all of our kitchen stuff) is kind of funny. For example:

  • We have 13 shot glasses. Because that’s necessary.
  • We have five bread pans. Because I have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, apparently.
  • We have eight margarita glasses. This is just a funny reflection of what 24-year-olds will register for when getting married. I think we registered for one set of four, but got two sets, when really one set is one too many. We have yet to open either box.

As for the move / settling in:

My very anxious travel companion

Olive gets VERY anxious during moving (this is her third move with me). I thought maybe letting her out of her carrier in the car would help, but no. She lasted maybe three minutes before I hit the next red light and put her back in.

The state of my life right now. PS where's Olive?

Luckily the place no longer looks (too much) like this.

Has window, is happy

Once she had a spot (or many spots) from which to watch the birds, she was content.

Unpacking our glassware, wrapped in newspaper from June 2010... Anything significant happen in Chicago sports that month?

Our kitchen stuff has been in storage for three years. We packed it up in June 2010 – the last time the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. So we just need to move for Chicago sports teams to win it all. So that’s why the Cubs never win the world series … I never move in October.

First run from the new digs. And since @ragnarrelay Chicago

The Tuesday after we moved in, I went for my first turn from the new place. And first run in 10 days. (Since Ragnar.)

#seenonmyrun #runCARA #runCHI one month to #RnRCHI

My second run was around Montrose Harbor.

Montrose harbor