May in Review

I realize that we’re over halfway through June …

Total miles: 58.3
Total workout time: 12 hours, 43 minutes
Total races: 0
Trips out of town: 1
Leases signed: 1
Job offers: 1

Lowest mileage since April 2011. However, I was sick, then I had trouble finding motivation, and I took a trip out of town with non-runners (weirdos), plus I was job searching and we were apartment-hunting. Plus, you know, my now former long commute that sucked away four hours of my day. (Now my commute will only take about 1hr 20min of my day … OMG so happy, but what will I complain about?) Normally I try not to make excuses, but I had a lot of other stuff going on.

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 4.54.44 PM

Left: No more “sunrise from the Metra platform” photos … maybe I can replace that with “sunrise over the lake” once in awhile.
Right: Helicopter over the Chicago loop. 

I'm on a boat Choo choo

Urban Kayakers; Another sunrise

#sunrise #viewfromatrainplatform Honored to be the spotlight runner at @runningforkicks :)

Another sunrise; Honored to be the Spotlight Runner at Running For Kicks

Warm run at Izaak Walton Preserve Good morning whatever state we're in. Tennessee at this moment.

Izaak Walton Preserve; Driving to Atlanta for a Memorial Day weekend trip

Saw a guy walking his pet tortoise in downtown Louisville. What. Good morning. #sunrise #viewfromatrainplatform

Dogs and cats are so boring; Another sunrise

Progress on goals:

May’s goal: I said “nothing” because I wanted to focus on my overall life goal of doing what I needed to do to get my commute down from four hours per day. What I didn’t say at the time was that I was job searching. We also decided we were ready to move out. Moving OR starting a new job would have reduced my commute, but I decided, why not do both at once? They were both changes that needed to be made, just coincidence that they happened so close together.

2013 goals: 

Don’t spend more than $500 on races for 2013. I don’t think I spent any money registering for races. As of May 31, I was at $338 for 2013′s races.

Run 1,300 miles for the year. tells me that I am now 141.8 miles behind my pace bunny. Maybe I can make that up with all of the “exploring” I’ll be doing of new running routes and new group runs.

Weekly strength workouts. I did two total. Oy. We probably won’t join a gym (at least, not for now) but I want to see if I can find a local place to do Pilates and/or TRX.

Move out of my parents house. We signed our lease on May 30!

Read 12 books. I started Me Talk Pretty One Day but still haven’t finished it. Oops. BUT, I am now addicted to Candy Crush Saga, so there’s that.

June’s goal (now that I’m halfway through): Enjoy my new Chicago address!

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15 Comments on “May in Review”

  1. I’m impressed by your mileage given just how much was going on last month! It’s really hard to find time to be active sometimes, especially with how much time you were spending commuting, looking at apartments, traveling, etc.

    I know of a nearby studio, but I don’t think they’re very budget-friendly, depending on how often you want Pilates/TRX. My gym gives you a free day if you want to try them out too… maybe you could come with to a class sometime. They offer Pilates on Sunday mornings (obvi I’m busy this week, but any other sunday!), TRX classes that you pay for, and TRX as part of some of the free classes (and members are free to use it on their own too).

    1. I’ve noticed that most of the Pilates/Yoga/TRX/etc studios where you pay per class are pricey (I think around $18/class). But, if I do that instead of a gym and only go 1-2 days/week, that’s not TOO bad. I’ll run year-round, so really I just need strength and my favorite way to do that is Pilates.

      Have you ever checked out the Chicago Park District indoor pools?

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic May. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve drastically cut down on your crappy, super long commute and are making sure to take care of you and your sanity. LOVE the photo of the guy walking the tortoise. Makes me want a pet tortoise. I’d probably glue crazy stuff to the back of its shell, like fake shark fins or something.

  3. New run group? New run group!?!??? Blasphemy! Jk! Enjoy the new routes! Kind of jealous and might have to run with you some time!

    Congrats again on the job and apartment!

    1. Leaving the FNRC was one of the things I am sad about with the move (that and being farther from my family and other friends). I really lucked out finding you guys! Hopefully I will see some of you at races and the Swallow Cliff runs 🙂

  4. Hey Maggie – I have a bunch of guest passes and coupons for gyms/yoga/classes. Email me if you want some and I will bring them for you on Sunday. Also, the gals I train with head out to Waterfall Glen and hopefully Palos if you ever want to join us.

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