Monday: 3.04mi in 27min, 8:57 pace

Tuesday: 2.75mi in 25min, 8:54 pace

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Ragnar!
1st leg: 9.89mi in 1:41, 10:11 pace
2nd leg: 8.28mi in 1:22, 9:56 pace

Saturday: Ragnar!
3rd leg: 5.35mi in 54min, 10:01 pace

Sunday: Rest

Total miles: 29
Total time: 4hr, 48min

Even more Ragnar pics …

Ragnar Madison to Chicago Ragnar Madison to Chicago

Making sure we had enough reflective gear; Ran into my local running pal Judy before the start 

MAK_van Ragnar Madison to Chicago

Stopping to cheer for Sara during leg 3; Waiting for Sara to hand off to Amanda at exchange 4

Ragnar Madison to Chicago  Ragnar Madison to Chicago

People-watching at exchange … I dunno; Ragnar finish line on Montrose Beach


  • I didn’t include my times in my Ragnar post because I had no time goals, I just wanted to finish. Which I did. But …
  • I know my pace has slowed. A month ago I tapered for the Palos Half, but then I was sick and skipped the race, and once I recovered I had a hard time getting back into the groove. I had some other stuff going on which took up my time (big life changes are coming, and not just our move, but more on that next week). So, my training fell off, I’ve done the bare minimum with running (if even that), no speedwork, and I haven’t been doing any strength training. Hopefully once life settles down, I can get into my routine of running and strength work (Pilates specifically, and I really want to try TRX) and maybe … maybe tackle a fall marathon. Or at least pick a goal half and try again for that PR. But I’ll figure that out later, because … 
  • Coach Vera told me to take it easy for the next six weeks and let my body recover. She said she didn’t do that after the Comrades [Ultra] Marathon in 2011, just kept going going going, and seeing her deal with an injury resulting in 18 months off of running, I’m going to listen. That means I won’t be training hard for the RnR Chicago Half, just doing easy runs and train for the distance. I’m also doing the Bastille Day 5K within that time frame, although I wasn’t planning to train specifically for that race anyway, or race it … evening race in July? Just finish and enjoy it. I’m also doing the Disco Dash 5K later this month, but that was purely motivated by the fact that the Village People will be performing post-race. I’m not even kidding. I love disco. I really hope they play “In the Navy”!