Today’s the day! In a few hours, Ragnar Team American Sweathearts will head up to Madison, WI to run 200 miles (actually 195.3) to Chicago. I am responsible for like 23-24 of those miles. Eek!


  1. Suzanne: BADASS. She runs marathons, triathlons … I won’t tell you her age, but let’s just say I want to be her when I grow up.
  2. Sara: a.k.a. Gingerfoxxx. Waffles’s mom.
  3. Amanda: Fellow F’N Runner and cat lady and frequent race-carpooler.
  4. Maggie: Oh hey.
  5. Kate LF: Fellow F’N Runner and Sam’s wife.
  6. Lisa: I don’t really know Lisa, but I’m sure that will change this weekend!
  7. Kelly J: Napoleon’s mom, fellow social media pro.
  8. Kate S: Crossfitter. If I run into trouble with shady characters during a leg, she’ll probably be my muscle.
  9. Melanie: Fellow F’N Runner and mom of 3. THREE. And she’s my age! I’m a slacker.
  10. Sam: a.ka. Uncle Sam and van 1 driver. Kate LF’s husband.
  11. Kelly W.: a.k.a. Lady Liberty and van 2 driver. And mom-to-be!



We also lucked out with some great sponsors! Thank you for your support!!

Chobani – Race morning snacks
Haeleum – Customized insect repellent shirts (pictured)
Body Glide – Product and shirts
Bondiband – Headbands to match our American Sweathearts theme (pictured)
Freshii – Donation
Handful – Hats
Oiselle –  Shorts and shirts
Honey Stinger – Fuel
Aspaeris – Compression shorts (pictured)
Proud Runner – Bad Ass socks (pictured)
Brooks – Sunglasses


And I had a little help with my packing last night:

"Hey mom, I help you pack for Ragnar, k?"

Needless to say, we will be tweeting and instagramming it up starting Thursday afternoon/evening through Saturday afternoon! Follow along with hashtag #AmericanSweathearts!