Take Time Tuesday – Moving!

Live Half FullMany of you have already heard, but we signed a lease! For the sake of privacy, all I’ll say is that it is in Chicago-proper and I am very excited to explore our new neighborhood.

In reflecting on this entire process, I have a few things to be thankful for:

Living with my parents. Nobody wants to live with their parents when they are 30. But, we are lucky it was an option, because it helped us fix some things financially, and get us back in a position where we could live on our own and hopefully not have constant stress over money (just occasional stress). And as much as I may have complained about living with my parents, I’m lucky it was an option. My parents could have sold their house and moved into something smaller, they could live far away from our jobs, we could have had a bad relationship, or they just could have never offered to let us live with them. So, I appreciate how lucky we are and how generous they have been. I also appreciate that this experience brought out the truth – my mom, a proclaimed cat-hater, actually loves cats. Or maybe just my cat. Either way, the cat’s out of the bag on that one.

Christmas 2012

“I love cats … I just can’t eat a whole one.” Still hilarious. 

My husband knows about real estate. As I’ve mentioned, the Sailor is in the Navy Reserve, but his civilian job is in real estate. He also did some research on renters’ rights. It was nice to have to tackle something together and he could take the lead on it and be the expert. And of course this (and his contacts) should make the house- or condo-hunting process better whenever we get to that point.

We found a great apartment. We looked at a few “loser” apartments, so when we finally looked at the apartment we ended up taking, we knew it was a gem. The apartment itself is nice, well taken care of, has the amenities we wanted (central air being the most important), is on a quiet street, in a fun, but adult neighborhood (read: we are not in Wrigleyville), within walking distance of lots of restaurants, bars, running stores (group runs!), and an L stop, among other things. And the landlord seems nice and seems to genuinely want to have nice properties with nice tenants. (We’re in a 3-flat with a shared backyard, so whoever lives in it with us is kind of important.) I feel like we didn’t really have to compromise on anything, and this was within out budget. (Albeit, our increased budget, but still, affordable for us.)

We can afford to hire movers. My husband and I have moved together three times during our nine year relationship. We’ve never hired movers before, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth the money. I would say doing all the moving yourselves is a really good test of if you can last with a person. Also, our moving day coincides with the Run for Boston 5K, so I won’t even be around for most of it. (And I think we’re both kind of glad about that … apparently my “marshmallow arms” are useless when it comes to moving.) I think my only concern is moving the cat and my laptop, which I’ll do by car.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 11.31.30 AM

She loves moving. Not. I should probably give her a kitty valium when the day comes. 

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30 Comments on “Take Time Tuesday – Moving!”

  1. Your new apartment sounds great! My and Bob’s first apartment together was very similar – 2-flat, privately owned and a shared yard. It’s so nice to have a yard in the summer (and to let the dogs out, because sometimes walks just don’t happen), and even better if you have cool neighbors to hang out with in said yard. And movers are definitely the way to go. Good luck getting everything packed up!

  2. Haha, Olive’s face in that carrier is priceless. Talk about a grumpy cat!

    I’m sad that you’re moving, for purely selfish reasons. But, since I work in the city, this just gives me an excuse to plan hangouts after work and post-race breakfasts on the weekends. Yesss

  3. I’ve never had a cat that didn’t HATE change. They despise riding in the car. They despise moving. They don’t even like it when the furniture gets moved around. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Congrats again on the new place! 🙂 I am excited for you! Someone may or may have not pointed out the street to me while we ran past it 😉 Hee hee.

    Hiring movers sounds like the way to go!

      1. I’m in! How about the “Un-Centered Beer Runners?” Okay, I guess it needs work. We can discuss at our first summit at the Brauhaus. 🙂

        1. HA! We’ll be un-centered *after* the beer. Questions: Will the Brauhaus consider sponsoring our club? When is our first Beer & Sausage run, ending at the Brauhaus? Should we just skip the run part?

          See how excited we are to have you in our ‘hood, Maggie? 🙂

          1. The owner is a charitable guy. I asked him for a donation for our block party once. So, maybe he would consider it! We could also do a German beer and sausage run from Himmel’s to the Brauhaus to Resi’s Bierstube to Bavarian Haus to Laschet’s to Resi’s. It would essentially be a one mile run (stumble) total.

          2. Hahahaha, I want to do the Un-Centered Beer & Sausage Stumble! If we want to add mileage, there’s always Glunz (we could even “run” in their nightly parade!), or even Laschet’s Inn.

          3. I knew, Pete. I knew.

            Any night they have a band (which I believe is just fri & Sat), they have a couple parades – one when the band goes on break, and one when the band is finished. It’s pretty fun, they even let you play their instruments! And I’ve been known to get on the mic there too 🙂

  5. The comment section of this post is hilarious. You guys are almost convincing me to move to NC. And, yes, movers are SO WORTH IT. Ours literally took less than 2 hours from start to finish. It was crazy.

  6. Congrats on moving to Chicago proper and having movers!! If you ever get out to the lakefront, let me know! Time to start enjoying the path again!

  7. Congrats on the new place! I’ve picked up some hints on the area you will be in from the comments and sounds like you’re in a good area. I love some of the festivals up that way. One of my favorite’s is this weekend – Ribfest at Irving and Lincoln

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