Training, May 27-June 2

Monday: 6.04mi in 56min, 9:12 pace

Tuesday: 4.95mi in 48min, 9:36 pace

Wednesday: 4.31mi in 44min, 10:18 pace

Thursday: Signed a lease!

Friday: rest

Saturday: Run #1 – 4.73mi in 46min, 9:43 pace; Run #2 – 3.1mi in 33min, 10:56 pace.

Sunday: 8.14mi in 1:18, 9:38 pace

Total Miles: 31

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 8.29.34 PM

I don’t remember if I shared this or not, but I received my swag from the North Country Trail Run. This is not an ambassador thing, this is what everyone gets for registering – tech singlet, tech tee, unlined tech shorts, personalized tech jacket and a cotton visor. Pretty swank. The race is August 24 in Manistee, MI. I registered for the 2013 race before the 2012 race was held, so I assume 2014 registration might open in early-to-mid August. 


  • I ran 7 miles last week, 31 this week. Smart, yes? 
  • Ragnar is Friday! OMG. Follow along at #AmericanSweathearts. I’m in van #1, runner #4, but we’re doing a 9-person team. Anyway, if you’re running, look for the ladies in red, white and blue.
  • This weekend’s runs were spaced out similarly to my legs for Ragnar – I ran Saturday around lunchtime, Saturday night (9pm) and Sunday around lunchtime. I think my legs will be more of less around those times, but my nighttime one might be closer to midnight.
  • I added a Ragnar countdown (now that we’re three days away, LOL). This description of the widget sold me:

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 9.37.09 PM

So I’ll be sure to update it after Ragnar with the countdown to my space voyage … 

Run for Boston 5K

Also, if you’re looking for a June race, please consider the Run for Boston 5K. Thanks to generous sponsors, 100% of the money from runners’ registration fees will support people who lost limbs during the Boston Marathon bombing, via the Who Says I Can’t Foundation. If you aren’t able to make it to the actual race, consider signing up for the virtual race – there is some great swag up for grabs for virtual participants. Or, if you’ve always wanted to volunteer at a race, this would be a good one to do that at! Mainly because I’m helping with coordinating the volunteers. So let me know via this form if you can volunteer the morning of June 15. And we also need help promoting the race, so please feel free to share with your friends, family, running club, etc!

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6 Comments on “Training, May 27-June 2”

  1. Which neighborhood did you end up picking? I Saw you mention a shoe store in one of them.

    Good luck with the Ragnar Relay countdown! I’d be giddy!

  2. Wow! The swag for that race is out o this world! Good luck at Ragnar this weekend, that dunkin donut sandwich has your name on it post race 🙂

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