#RunnerPhotoChallenge: Runner Fashion

RunnerPhotoChallengeNext week’s challenge: Summer!

Now that Memorial Day is passed, it’s (un)officially summer! What are you looking forward to? Dining alfresco? Heading to the beach? Running shirtless? Evening races? Grilling? Summer beers? Hockey? (Anyone else find it funny that it’s June and hockey is still going on?)


Current challenge: Runner Fashion. What do you wear when you run?

running clothes

Like everyone else, I am loving the bright colors.


More bright colors! I recently got to try out this cute top from Swirlgear (review coming soon).


I love my Fast Women tops. (Plug: you can get your own and I’ll donate profits to the American Cancer Society.)

Chi Town Half Marathon 2012 Old Plank Road Trail MagKelQuarryman

I also really like purple.

New shoes = runnerd high. Excited to try @brooksrunning pure cadence.

And I wish all running shoes came in bright colors.


Your turn! What do you wear when you run? Add your link to the Blog Hop, and feel free to add the Blog Hop code to your post:

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5 Comments on “#RunnerPhotoChallenge: Runner Fashion”

  1. YES to bright colors! Wearing something bright and fun just seems to make me more amped up to get out there and run.

    I’ll have to get a few more pictures of my running outfits, this is a fun challenge 🙂

  2. I should really do one of these photos challenges, but guy runners don’t look as dapper in summer running gear as ladies! Asic shorts, bright sneakers, and my thumb forehead wipers! But I’ll give it a go if my wife approves of the pics not being ridiculous! lol

    The fact that you love my favorite color just bumped you up a notch on the cool factor.

    As for things I look forward to in the summer: Cooler by the lake being a plus (hello waterfront picnics and beach days!), more outdoor activities that don’t revolve around dining out for fun. More fun time outside with the kid! And of course, as a guy that has to tape up for shirt chaffing… shirtless running once it goes above like 62!

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