I would do a training post this week, but there’s not much to talk about:

Total miles: 7.4
Total time: 1hr, 12min

Inspiring, no?

What I did do this week was find our future apartment (haven’t signed the lease yet, but we’ve applied, been approved, and should sign the lease soon), and then head out of town for a few days to spend time with friends.

Good morning whatever state we're in. Tennessee at this moment.

Driving through Tennessee on the way to Atlanta(ish), GA.

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 1.04.28 PM

We did a lot of this. Chilling and (not pictured) grilling.  

Stephanie makes a new friend

The Georgia Aquarium. The little girl was one of our hosts for the weekend, the other kid is just some overexcited kid at the aquarium.



Georgia Aquarium

Whale shark. Maybe two, I can’t tell if the one at the top is the same.

Georgia Aquarium

Touching sting rays.


Watching movies on the drive home.

Beers on tap at Against the Grain in Louisville

Stopped for dinner at Against the Grain brewery in Louisville. Best beer names ever. I tried Oats & Hose, which was pretty great. 

Saw a guy walking his pet tortoise in downtown Louisville. What.

Saw a guy walking his pet tortoise after dinner. Obviously had to take a picture. 

So, running aside, this week was a success because after looking at four more apartments, we found an apartment in our price range worth living in. And we took our first trip out of town together since going to Galena for our fourth anniversary. We recently celebrated our sixth anniversary. We were obviously overdue.