#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Flowers

RunnerPhotoChallengeNext week’s challenge: Running Fashion

What do you wear when you run? Just any old thing, or do you wear “outfits”? Or make an effort to match? Do you have any specific preferences when it comes to tops, bottoms, hats, sunglasses, etc? Let the world know how quirky and OCD you really are … 


This week’s challenge: Flowers

Finally, the world is pretty again.

Good morning, tulips

Tulips in front of the house

#RunnerPhotoChallenge - flowers

Flowers outside of City Hall

Smells so good #RunnerPhotoChallenge

The crabapple trees smell so good

Let there be life

It’s not a flower, but I saw this growing in the parking lot behind my office

Your turn!

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