April in Review

Total miles ran: 108.2
Total time worked out: 19hr, 57min
Total races – 2
Total PR’s – 2 – 8K and 10mi
Wedding Anniversary Celebrated – #6

Good morning. I'm hungry. The Sears Tower looks so small

Sunrise; Sears Tower

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 5.52.04 PM Shamrock shuffle with @xaarlin in corral A

Blogger Night at Road Runner Sports; Shamrock Shuffle

Monday MagQuarryman_lighter

Sunrise; Quarryman 10

Another gloomy day in Chicago Park Ridge Metra Station

Gloomy; Rainy

Good morning This view never gets old

Sunrise; Chicago skyline

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  • toyota echo inside – finally the third picture on this post has a purpose
  • when the next beer run

April’s Goal: Let’s not talk about my inability to take my cat to the vet for a check-up.

Progress on yearly goals:

Don’t spend more than $500 on races for 2013. I didn’t register for any races. Still at $338 for 2013′s races.

Run 1,300 miles for the year. RunningAhead.com tells me that I am now 96.1 miles behind my pace bunny. Yeah. Might be throwing in the towel on this one.

Weekly strength workouts. I did five total.

Move out of my parents house. We were able to consolidate a lot of our credit card debt at a significantly better interest rate. So that’s awesome. Also, we are starting to talk to mortgage lenders, although that conversation could be a huge wake-up call. We’re starting to get to the point where the amount of money we are saving by living with my parents isn’t worth the other sacrifices (see below). So if buying isn’t an option right now, we’re open to renting. Although that market sucks.

Read 12 books. I read The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters. I thought it was “meh.”

May’s goal: No goal. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been struggling lately. Between working and commuting 4 hours/day, and then training, I have very little free time in the evenings. My main goal right now is to get my commute down to a reasonable amount of time, and that takes up what little time I have left in the evenings. Getting to bed at a “reasonable hour” is a struggle. It takes an honest effort to even remember to plan for meals, let alone make them, and I feel like I’m completely ignoring my husband some days. So, basically, I feel like I’m not really enjoying life Monday-Friday. And it’s left me feeling very stressed and anxious and frustrated. It shouldn’t really surprise me that this past weekend I got sick for the third time this year. Anyway, I won’t really go on, because this blog is very public, but yeah, that’s where I am right now. I’m debating not signing up for any more races (not even a make-up goal half in lieu of missing my half on Sunday) and just focusing on other things, and just running for fun. When I have the time again (i.e., don’t have to commute 4 hours/day), I can focus on running goals. But anyway, May’s goal = doing what I need to do to shorten my commute. Maybe moving, maybe … anyway.

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19 Comments on “April in Review”

  1. Four hour commute x 5 days a week. Ouch! Yeah, that would definitely make me cut back on my mileage! I won’t complain about my commute from now on. Good luck on your May goal(s)!

  2. I feel you on the commute. Mine is 2:40 total and sometimes I feel like it sucks the life out of me. For me, morning workouts make me feel like I transcend time and get extra hours, but I haven’t been able to pull them off in awhile. For me, using my commute to do all my personal e-mails and blogging helps a ton. Then when I get home it’s eat, pack my stuff for the next day and relax/spend time wit my husband. But yeah, sometimes it sucks the life out of me…

    1. Sweet, my Echo is 10 years old as well! I think it’s around 118,000 miles. Which is why I spend 4 hours/day on the Metra versus driving 100 miles/day.

  3. Commuting is the WORST. I used to do a 4-hour per day commute on the Metra, and I also used to have to drive from the city to Oak Brook every day. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL and it really does drain everything out of you. I think that taking some time for yourself to just kick back and take a deep breath sounds like a great remedy. I also vote for vacation/staycation!

  4. I am so sorry you have the sucky commute. I really felt like I got my life back when I started to be able to work from home and get all the hours back 🙁 I hope you find a solution to it that leaves you energized! And I definitely am a supporter of running for fun! Running for PRs all the time is draining and dressful, imho.

  5. Best of luck… I’m going through similar issues… I was up until 3 am sorting out work issues, then back at work at 9am. We’re going through a heavy testing phase and things probably won’t quiet down for me until August if even then. I’ve vowed to keep going though, running is my escape to stay sane. I have the reverse commute to the burbs which is 3-4 hours depending on time of day. Can you work out a flex work schedule? I get to work from home on Fridays which actually helps a lot since Friday is worst commuting day for me.

    1. I am able to work from home day a week but I feel like it’s not enough. I was working from home 2 days/week but then it got changed to just 1 day.

      1. Two races and two PR’s? Impressive! Congrats!

        I feel for you, i do the four hour commute as well and it definitely takes it out of you. Running is a nice way to unwind at least after a stressful day/week/month etc. I wish you luck.

  6. “When the next beer run” so when is it?!? 🙂

    Your photos are all so beautiful. At least some good comes out of your crazy commute… I hope you are able to figure out a good living situation soon. And running for fun is… FUN. I love me a good PR, but I really cherish the days out on the path with my boys or by myself while not caring about the pace and just enjoying the scenery.

  7. Yes, renting does seem like throwing your money away. But, trust me, it’s really nice if you think about the fact that you’re more mobile, can move more easily if you decided to change jobs (even within or around the city) and, of course, you don’t have to pay to fix your own stuff! Having both owned and rented we are now renting and 95% of the time I prefer renting to owning. Yes, to rent in the city requires some sacrifice but probably less than trying to buy!

  8. Getting your debt consolidated sounds like a pretty big step! Renting may not be a bad idea until you’re ready to buy, especially given how awful your commute is. I mean 2 hours each way? Every day??? That’s rough. I used to commute about 3 hours/day and by the end of the week I was always just exhausted and annoyed by the whole thing. Hope you can figure something out soon!

    And I wasn’t the one wondering about the next beer run but…. we should get another one on the calendar, yes?

  9. You didn’t find the book “outstanding”?? #punintended

    I know what you mean about the commute–it is quite draining and yours is about 45 min longer than mine (each way)! I hope everything turns around in the near future so you can get some more rest and help balance out that whole “work/life” thing that we all struggle with.

  10. I’m so sorry your commute is getting to you. Losing 4 hours out of your day to traveling is bound to be stressful. I don’t know how you hardcore commuters do it. I hope that you’re able to figure out what you need to do in order to make yourself happy. Good luck making those tough decisions and removing some stress from your life. 🙂

  11. Your photos are beautiful! I know how you feel about moving/renting/buying. It sucks right now. Our rent is more than most mortgages, preventing us from saving a down payment. We will be lucky to have a house by the time were 50. I hope you can lessen your commute- I know how awful it can be- hang in there!!

    1. That’s what we struggle with – based on sticker price, it looks like we can get a cheaper monthly mortgage payment than what we would pay on rent for a similar place. But then you add in taxes, assessments, insurance, down payment, etc and it’s no longer so “cheap.”

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