#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Running Shoes

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This Week’s Challenge: Your Running Shoes

running shoes

running shoes

running shoes

Clockwise from left:

Brooks Adrenaline 12 (pink) – brand new
Brooks Adrenaline 12 (purple) – 218 miles
Brooks PureCadence (blue) – 101 miles
Mizuno Wave Nirvana 8 (blue) – 53 miles
Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 (blue) – 498 miles (retired to my gym bag)
Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 (yellow) – 377 miles
Brooks Adrenaline 12 (blue) – 329 miles

I didn’t mean to acquire quite so many shoes. Honestly, I don’t run enough weekly mileage to need this many pairs in my rotation at once. A couple of the pairs above were gifts, and the two most recent pairs were purchased at a good price via RunningWarehouse.com. My goal is to get down to rotating just three pairs of running shoes at once.

Let’s see your shoes!

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    1. I’ll use them to wear to the gym, or during my commute, or just to wear. After they get retired from that, I’ll drop them off at my local running store where they’ll donate them to a group like Share Your Soles.

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