Training, April 22-28

Monday: 6.2mi in 55min, 8:52 pace. Progressive run.

Tuesday: Cardio (stairmaster, rowing, elliptical) 40min, then some core

Wednesday: 7mi in 1:02, 8:48 pace. Easy pace then picked up the last mile.

Thursday: 4mi in 38min, 9:28 pace. Group run.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 12mi in 1:53, 9:22 pace. Last long run! Focused on keeping the pace easy.

Sunday: 4mi in 34min, 8:30 pace. A few miles with some Ragnar teammates.

Total miles: 33.2
Total time: 5hr, 46min


Thursday Group Run

Last long run before the First Midwest Half next Sunday. (formerly the Southwest Half.) This was my very first half ever, in 2010. I'm planning to crush that finish time (2:48) by an hour. Post-long run compression shorts and sleeves under a long dress.

Saturday – wore the shirt from my very first half for my long run; the post-run recovery under a long dress. 


  • Longest weekly mileage since the Chicago Marathon.
  • Goal race is Sunday! Yay! So excited! I just realized this will be my 10th half marathon. And to get myself even more pumped up to crush my time from my very first half marathon by an hour, I wore that shirt for this week’s long run. 
  • Regarding my time goal … I’m feeling good. Part of my brain says yes, this goal (1:48:53, 8:18 pace) is totally doable. Another part of my brain says, hmmmm, are you sure? Whatever time I end up with, I know that I trained hard. The hay is in the barn, so to say. Just have fun and enjoy that your body can run 13 miles at once. I’m pretty sure at the very least, Sunday will go much better than that first half in 2010.


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14 Comments on “Training, April 22-28”

  1. I like your mindset going into this race. I always put so much pressure on myself if I’ve worked hard for something. Then, it’s like there is is only one option. If things don’t go perfectly according to plan, I self-destruct. (I know you already know this based on previous race experiences.) You always run smart so I’m sure you’ll have a great race regardless of what the clock says. Best of luck out there!

    1. Thanks! With all the F’N spectators, I’m sure I’ll have fun! At this point, I know I’ve done everything I can, and there is only so much I can control. I’ve had bad races in the past, they happen. And there will always be a next race 🙂

  2. Love your compression gear under the dress!!
    You got this half Maggie! I believe I will be there somewhere cheering!!!!

  3. Good luck at the race! I’m sure you will kick some butt. And, the temps are supposed to be lower this weekend than the 80 degree weather they’re calling for mid-week, so that should be better for racing. I hope all of your preparations this week go well! 🙂

  4. Good luck this weekend! I think you’re going to crush your goal, but I hope that no matter how you do, you really do have a fun time! As someone who can’t yet run 13 miles, yes, definitely appreciate that you can do that 🙂

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