#RunnerPhotoChallenge – ‘Merica

RunnerPhotoChallengeNext Week’s Challenge: 

Your running shoe collection. Let’s see it. Share any stories behind a particular pair of shoes, let us know how you rotate your shoes, when you retire a pair and what you do with them. How do you pick your shoes? Do you go with the “right” pair for you, or pick by color? Be honest. 


This week’s challenge: ‘Merica 

My parents had the flag out in front of the house on Tuesday, so I snapped this pic:


My Ragnar team’s name is “American Sweathearts” … perhaps we should do pre-race publicity photos like this. I feel like Hulk Hogan. 

I’m cheating – this picture is almost four years old. But I can’t get all patriotic on you without showing off my favorite American Hero:

Navy Pass In Review July 17, 2009

Now I’m super cheating. I didn’t take this picture. But my mom took it while spectating the Chicago Marathon last year.

2012 Chicago Marathon

Now it’s your turn!

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