Training, April 15-21

Monday: 4.78mi in 45min, 9:28 pace

Tuesday: 7.27mi in 1:02, 8:33 pace. Ladder = warm-up, then 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1mi, 0.75, 0.5, 0.25 sprints with 0.25 recoveries in between, cool down

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4.08mi in 39min, 9:31 pace. It was wet. I ran through many puddles.

Friday: Pilates Bootcamp class, 45min, Elliptical – hill, 30min.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10.26mi in 1:32, 8:57 pace. Was supposed to do 11 miles, but I thought we were going to go to a movie and I wanted to get home in time to shower. Ended up not going to the movie.

Total miles: 26.4
Total time: 5hr, 13min


Monday (commute, not run). 


  • Tuesday’s Ladder was tough (shocker), and my splits weren’t as fast as I hoped. But, I reminded myself that I’m not training for a 5K, I’m training for a half marathon. Also, I didn’t realize this until I compared that run to the other times I’ve done a Ladder, I normally only do 0.25, 0.5, 1mi, 0.5, 0.25 – I don’t include the 0.75. So this workout was longer than usual, and it rained on me. It was a tough workout and in all honesty, my splits were good.  
  • My husband said that magical phrase to me again this weekend … “I want to do another race in about a month.” He said he’d like to do 5-6 miles, which is perfect because I was thinking about doing the Muddy Monk Mayday race, which includes 5K, 10K and 15K options.
  • If you have rainy pictures (or flooding pictures) and haven’t added them yet, the link-up is live through Thursday.
  • If you haven’t heard, some of the Chicago Running Bloggers (myself included) are planning the Run For Boston 5K in June to benefit folks who lost limbs during the Boston Marathon bombings. There will be an in-person race, a virtual race, you can make a donation and not run, and we’ll need volunteers too. (Stay tuned on that last part.)
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5 Comments on “Training, April 15-21”

  1. Nice training week. Nice ladder workout as well. I always overdo my track workouts, which may be the reason I get injured a couple of times a year. As long as I am able to walk away just slightly faster and uninjured from my speed work, I am going to take that as a win from now on! I am so looking forward to returning to the track now that the marathon is over.

    1. It’s just another way to do speed intervals. But instead of doing the same distance for each interval, the distance gets bigger and then smaller, like going up and down a ladder. For example:

      Warm-up: 1 mile at easy pace
      1/4 mile fast
      1/4 mile easy
      1/2 mile fast
      1/4 mile easy
      1 mile fast
      1/4 mile easy
      1/2 mile fast
      1/4 mile easy
      1/4 mile fast
      Cool down: 1 mile at easy pace (or until you get home)

      It’s easiest to do it at a track, but you can create the workout in your Garmin and it’ll beep at you when it’s time go to fast or easy.

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