#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Rain

RunnerPhotoChallengeNext week’s challenge: ‘Merica. Whatever you can find that represents our great nation. Maybe a flag, or something red, white and blue, or your favorite uniformed personnel, or apple pie, or baseball, or freedom of religion and gay marriage and reproductive rights and public education and safe roads and guns … etc. This country is amazing. Excuse me. Amazeballs.

This week’s theme: Rain. I’ll be honest, as obvious as this theme was, I didn’t think of it on my own. I was G-chatting with Kelly and trying to think of a theme, and she suggested “rain” because of the weather forecast. So, thanks, RBF!

While I wasn’t able to snap any pictures of the Chicago sinkhole or the flooded expressways or the Chicago geysers, I did get these during the course of the week … because it’s been raining ALL WEEK. We better get some damn good May flowers as a result of these April showers.

Seen on my commute:


Can you spot the Sears Tower? Note, this is looking east. 

Park Ridge Metra Station

Anyone up for some lap swimming? (I made my co-worker take this because my phone was about to die. Thanks, Chris!)

Seeing this "neon nun" crossing guard during my commute made the three hours it took me to get here almost worth it.

Chris also took this. We were on the train together and I was so amused by the crossing guard dressed as a “neon nun.” Also by that point I had been commuting for close to three hours due to train delays. 

Another gloomy day in Chicago

Chicago is so gorgeous when it’s all gloomy before 7am

Standing in a giant puddle #RunnerPhotoChallenge

Target rainboots = $20 well spent


Monday morning

Seen on my run:


The local wetlands are really living up to their name


Newspaper = Best way to dry out wet running shoes

Check Reddit – Chicago for some pretty hilarious/awesome pictures of the rain.


Your turn! Let’s see your pictures of the rain, or inspired by or caused by the rain. (Note, click “Get code here” if you’d like to add this code to the bottom of your photo challenge post. It will auto-update as people add photos/links. Also you can submit more than one link if you have pictures in multiple spots or want to share multiple pictures or whatever. Also you don’t need to be a blogger, you can link to your Instagram or Flickr or somewhere else, or upload a photo directly.)

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4 Comments on “#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Rain”

  1. Great pictures! I’m hoping tomorrow is clearer – I have anniversary dinner reservations at the Metropolitan Club on the 66th floor of the Sears Tower and I’d like to be able to see something other than a big grey cloud. I’m also running the CARA Lakefront 10 in the morning and hope it a little warmer and less windy – this is more like F3 weather. Boo!

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