So this week sucks.

On Sunday, a friend who I met during my time volunteering with Relay For Life, lost her battle to cancer. Stacey was 38, and an amazing, inspirational woman. Not only did she fight her own battle with cancer, she fought everyone’s cancer by working for the American Cancer Society, educating others on cancer prevention, and running on the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team. Sadly, her cancer came back recently, and she passed away on Sunday. But I am thankful I met her. She was very sweet and seemed to be very happy during her short time, even if much of that time was spent battling a terrible disease.

And we all know what happened in Boston yesterday. I’m thankful my two favorite Boston transplants are safe. My cousin is at Boston University (which is near mile 25) and was spectating, and Coach Vera lives in Boston, and was two blocks away when it happened, but thankfully they are both fine.

The world is a crazy place. I’ve stopped trying to understand all the crazy things that happen. Some people get terrible diseases and are survived by their own grandparents. Sometimes, awful things happen at the hand of man, and we can’t begin to understand why. Terrible things happen every single day. It can be overwhelming.

I try to focus on the good stories. The people who live their short life to the fullest, full of joy and love and determination. The people who reach out in someone’s time of need, to give them whatever help they can.

And that’s all we can do. Keep living your life. Keep doing what you love. Keep telling your loved ones that you love them, and spend as much time with them as possible. Keep helping others. When you can give something, give it. Even if it’s just a smile.

Live Half Full