#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Shamrock Shuffle

RunnerPhotoChallengeNext week’s photo challenge theme: Rain

Could be a pic from this past week or the upcoming week. Now that I’ve made it a challenge theme, the rain will magically disappear from the forecast. You’re welcome, Chicago. Anyway, it can be anything having to do with rain – actual rain, or raindrops, rain puddles, rainbows, rain boots, you wet from the rain, running in the rain, make it rain. Whatev.


This week’s theme – Shamrock Shuffle. Or, if you didn’t run the Shamrock Shuffle, the theme was shamrock or shuffle.

I already posted a bunch of pics in my race report, so I had to find some that I didn’t post. Such as …


View of the start. Photoshopped a little bit. (Instagram v1.0)

Found Nicole before the race

Nicole and I in the early morning sunlight


Running into my friends / co-workers. (One is a former co-worker but I don’t want to admit that she’s “former.”) OK, so this picture is Photoshopped. I was sad I didn’t actually see them at the race.


Your turn! (Note, click “Get code here” if you’d like to add this code to the bottom of your photo challenge post. It will auto-update as people add photos/links. Also you can submit more than one post if you did more than one post related to the Shamrock Shuffle.)

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2 Comments on “#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Shamrock Shuffle”

  1. So fun! I just posted my pics earlier this week.. Didn’t find any of me on the website though which is a total bummer….especially after seeing everyone else’s awesome pics. Great theme this week!

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