#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Signs of Spring

RunnerPhotoChallengeNext week’s Photo Challenge theme (link-up April 12): Shamrock Shuffle

If you’re running it on Sunday, this should be pretty easy. Bonus points if you can share a unique perspective of the Shuffle. (Did you see the Green Men? Other crazy costumes? Spot another blogger in the crowd? How many beer tickets can you collect? Etc.) If you’re not running Sunday, find your favorite picture from a previous year, or find something else related to “shamrock” and/or “shuffle.” 

My photos for this week’s challenge – signs of spring:


It was a bit windy on Easter Sunday (we were also in the middle of nowhere). BUT … strong wind and I wasn’t freezing. Huge upgrade.

Sign of spring - boats on the Chicago river #RunnerPhotoChallenge

Boats on the Chicago River – architectural tour and water taxi

Easter finery. Just don't mind the Christmas blanket on the back of the couch.

My niece’s “Easter Pretty Dress” (that’s what I called it when I was that age). And check out my nephew’s bow tie. (Disregard the Christmas blanket on the back of the couch … )

The Easter bunny is here

My other niece’s Easter bunny suit melted my heart a little. Who am I kidding, everything these kids do melts my heart.

Signs of spring #RunnerPhotoChallenge



This is a blog hop! Add the link to your Runner Photo Challenge post – this will be open through next Thursday. And you can share the love by adding the link-up code to your blog post (it automatically updates as other people add their links … yay technology).

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12 Comments on “#RunnerPhotoChallenge – Signs of Spring”

  1. Goddamn it, fuck! I was totally going to do this! I even took all kinds of pictures of myself doing springish things this week. And I forgot. But the hair picture is brilliant, so it’s probably best I didn’t try to compete with that.

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