Total Miles Ran: 93.7
Total Miles Walked (During Commute): 18
Total Time Worked Out: 18hr, 31min, or 1,111 minutes
Total Races: 0

First time in two years that I had back-to-back no race months. 

New trails ran on: 1. Great Western Trail.
Pairs of running shoes purchased: 2
Pairs retired: 1. I think. I dunno, maybe I’ll try to squeeze some more miles out of them.

Total times I got sick: 2. Stomach bug and sinus infection.

Good morning commuters March snow

So... Which pair will I wear for my next half marathon? Brooks adrenaline 12 or  Mizuno wave Nirvana 8? Just got home from base, still in his fatigues, cuddling the kitty.

upload Good morning, Chicago

Sunrises, snow, running, my husband and my cat. My life is thrilling.

Best March Searches:

  • “i would like to run more races but can’t afford it” – You and me both.
  • “cant afford running events” – I see that I am starting to attract a niche audience …
  • “chicago running beer groups” – Does need a spin-off?
  • “beer runs through chicago” – BRB, off to buy some domains …
  • “how do i carry clif shot bloks during marathon” – In a SPIbelt. Although I want to try a FlipBelt.
  • “cookie monster” – Only during Girl Scout cookie time.

March’s Goal:

Take Olive to the vet. Fail. I’m a terrible cat mom.

Progress on yearly goals: 

Don’t spend more than $500 on races for 2013. I didn’t register for any races during February. Still at $338 for 2013’s races.

Run 1,300 miles for the year. tells me that I am now 79.2 miles behind my pace bunny. Oops.

Weekly strength workouts. I did seven total.

Move out of my parents house. Yeah yeah. Fell off the tracking-all-expenses bandwagon. But we’re still making slow progress overall.

Read 12 books. I read two!! Overachiever over here. (I also started taking the train to work again, it’s easy to find time to read when you’re spending four hours/day commute via public transit.) Anyway, I read Wise Blood and Like Water For Chocolate

April’s Goal: 

Take Olive to the vet. Let’s try this again.