Mon, Tue, Wed – sinus infection. unplanned rest days.

Thursday: 4.06 mi in 36min, 8:51 pace. Goal was warm-up, mile 2 at 8:45, mile 3 at 8:30, cool down. Miles 2 and 3 were both around 8:45 (during mile 3 I got a weird pain on the inside of my left knee, slowed down and ran on the grass for a bit and it went away), so like a stubborn runner, I made up for it and did my last mile at 8:15. Instead of cooling down.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 9mi in 1:31, 10:08 pace. Headed out to a local “hilly” trail per coach’s orders. Kelly joined me for the first few miles, which is always fun! Especially since we haven’t run together in awhile. Then finished the rest of my run solo. Didn’t really have a goal pace other than “conversational,” but my last mile was supposed to be sub-8:30. It wasn’t. Can’t win ’em all.

Sunday: 2.21mi in 21min, 9:16 pace. Easy run.

Total miles: 15.27
Total time: 2hr, 28min



  • The Shamrock Shuffle 8K is this Sunday. (Are you coming to our blogger meet-up?) My coach is letting me sort-of race it and do around a 7:45 pace. (She’s been cautioning me about racing too much, especially when training for another race.) However, I’m in corral J. Which has an expected finish time of about an hour. So, I either need to figure out how to sneak through four corrals to the front of my wave or I need to do some awesome weaving at the start. Should be interesting.
  • Also, what do you wear to a “shamrock” themed race in April??