The Return of the #RunnerPhotoChallenge

Back by popular demand! (Two people = popular, right?)

I’m bringing back the runner photo challenge!

This week’s theme: Signs of Spring

Some inspiration:

Ugly black snow is ugly

Ugly black snow. Actually, this is a sign that winter has been hanging on too long. MELT ALREADY.


How the photo challenge works:

  • During the next week, looks for signs of spring. Take a picture. It can be during a run, but that’s not required. (Hint hint: attending an egg hunt this weekend?) 
  • Share the picture – blog about it, tweet it, instagram it, etc. Whatever you prefer.
    • If you tweet or instagram it, use the hashtag #RunnerPhotoChallenge. If you can fit it in, tag me (@not_margaret for Twitter, @magmilerunner for Instagram, why don’t I make those the same?)
    • If you blog it, please include the badge, or a link back to


Code for the badge:

<a href= target=new><img src= /></a>

  • Come back here next Friday for the Photo Challenge Blog Hop! I’ll have a blog hop link-up thingie (I think that’s the official term). You can submit your link (meaning you’ll probably have to blog about your photo), and then you can copy the blog hop code and add it to your post. (Hopefully that all will make sense next Friday.) 
  • I’ll also give the theme for the following week, and repeat!

So anyway … go forth and photograph signs of spring!


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