Three Things Thursday

I have a sinus infection. I had no idea these things were so terrible. Now I understand why people with chronic sinus infections get surgery. Although, having already had surgery done on my nose, I don’t know if I would opt for it again. But geez. I worked from home Monday-Tuesday, finally went to a clinic on Wednesday morning, came home, made lunch and was wiped out, so I took a two hour nap. I’m back at work today, and on a regiment of antibiotics, nasal spray and generic Sudafed (the meth kind). I’m pretty sure I’ve had sinus infections in the past and just sucked it up. Not this time. Give me drugs.


I did a lot of this for three days, same expression and all. 

Do you ever go to retail clinics? By that I mean the Take Care clinic at Walgreens, Minute Clinic at CVS, Target Clinic at Target, etc. This is my second time going to one (I went to one years ago when I had strep throat). My dad said he thought it was weird that I went to Target to “see the doctor.” (Actually a nurse.) Personally, I do not have a general practitioner – I only see my OB/GYN annually. I get a flu shot and blood work done every fall at my company’s health fair. So when I have a common illness, rather than call around to find a GP that is accepting new patients and has same-day appointments, within 10 miles of home, I’d rather just go to a retail clinic. But I ask this not just out of personal curiosity, but because I work in healthcare, so I’m interested from a professional point of view as well.

The photo challenge is coming back! I attended a little DIY blogger workshop with some Chicago blogging ladies on Sunday, and one of the things that came up was participating in link-ups and blog-hops, etc. A couple people mentioned that they enjoyed the photo challenge that I used to do. So, I’m bringing it back! It will be a little bit different – instead of compiling all of the submissions myself (which took a bit of time and was one of the reasons I stopped doing it), I’m going to do it Blog Hop style similar to how Erin did this fashion blog hop. So … stay tuned for Photo Challenge Friday! I made a badge and all, so I have to stick to it.


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21 Comments on “Three Things Thursday”

  1. I’ve never been to a retail clinic but I usually go to the walk-in urgent care places when something comes up that needs attending to. I don’t have a GP either and it just makes sense for me to walk in and get things taken care of.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! As a chronic sinus sufferer, yeah, those are absolutely no fun.

    My company put a clinic in our office building a few years ago, and I did use it pretty regularly because most visits were free with our insurance (and I also don’t have a GP). Now I just don’t go to the office if I’m sick, so I don’t really use it. I like the idea of a fast, easy, nearby retail clinic, but I guess I don’t know enough about them. Like are they covered by most insurance plans? Should I just look into this myself?

  3. Sudafed is the ultimate cure-all. And the real Wal-Phed kind, not the stuff you can buy without an ID. It helps everything, I am convinced.

    I love those little clinics and would recommend them. I have a GP, but often, a Walgreens clinic is just as fast.

    Can’t wait for the photo challenge to come back!

  4. The main problem with most doctors these days is that it takes about 3 weeks to see one if you are lucky and at that point whatever ails you has likely passed. So, those walk-in clinics sound like a good idea.

  5. I’ve had a horrible sinus infection before and yes, it sucked so bad. I was crying and miserable. Sorry you are sick!

    I’ve been to the Walgreens clinic once before when I hurt my back (stupid 30’s!)…I thought it was helpful. And like you, I don’t have a GP. I went to an orthopedic doctor for the shoulder but I don’t go to him for everything.

  6. I’ve never been to a walk-in clinic like that. I have been to an Urgent Care clinic at UIC, though, and of course my insurance barely covered the visit. Thanks, BCBS. I do have a GP because I like the idea that she knows my history. But I still haven’t found the perfect fit for me, doctor-wise.

    1. I think they only just started putting clinics in their stores (to keep up with Walgrees, CVS, etc, I assume), and they aren’t in every Target. I had to drive to a Target farther from home.

  7. I’m currently getting over my 40th cold of the season but this one was mild, luckily. I’ve been taking mucinex, which does what it promises, but also makes you feel like you’re on crack, which was NOT on the label. Last time I was sick, I went to a Urgent Care and it cost a buttload, I feel like I should have a GP just to avoid that happening again.
    Love the idea of a photo challenge because it means getting some attention. ME! So I’ll be all over that.

    1. Some of the Urgent Cares are actually extensions of a hospital’s ER, and staffed by ER physicians, so they bill you like an ER. Which is some of the most expensive care you will ever receive. It’s hard to know if this is the case, since “Urgent Care” “Walk-in Clinic” “Immediate Care” etc aren’t standard terms and can just be used however. Yay marketing, and yay fragmented health care system!

  8. Oh yay, I can’t wait until tomorrow! I’ve been in a major blogging (and life) rut this week as I’ve been holed up at home not able to move because of my back. SO, I’m excited to have something exciting to post about!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon! I actually really like the Walgreen’s take care clinics when I have a cold, because you can get in and get out quickly with a prescription in hand. Plus you can pre-schedule online when the office isn’t open so if I wake up at 5:00am feeling crappy I can make an appointment and be proactive.

  9. Sorry to hear about the sinus infection. =( I wish you a speedy recovery! Olive looks really cute in the picture, though.

    Yay for the Photo Challenges coming back. I can’t wait!!!

  10. I had to have sinus surgery when I was in high school, I had broken my nose 3 years prior and didn’t know my septum completely blocked off my sinus. I was so sick for months before they figured it all out. I just had my septum fixed and sinus cleaned, opted not to have the cosmetic part of fixing my nose done (which was a wise choice because I broke it again last year!)

  11. I have a PCP (and as someone who also works in healthcare, I think it’s a good idea!) & an OB-GYN (for the lady issues), but I am not slow on going to the Minute Clinic! I do always call my PCP first, but if they don’t have any same day or next day appointments, I don’t delay and go to get my strep test / check in on my symptoms ASAP. I also got my flu shot at CVS this year — its convenient!

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I do think it’s a good idea to make sure you maintain records/ update records as you’re going from place to place.

  12. I totally go to MinuteClinic for basic things. It’s far cheaper than the doctor. Also, if it doesn’t make you squeamish, I highly recommend the NielMed squeeze bottle sinus rinse. It’s really helpful to just clear you out. Ice packs are great. Advil for the inflammation & fever. Nose sprays are really helpful, too. Sudafed gets you to a certain point, but can then be counterproductive if things get really, really blocked up. Mucinex can help in that situation, too, to get stuff moving.

  13. Maggie, I do not have a GP either! My mom keeps insisting I get one, but I have been going to the Target clinic because it is quick and to the point. I was sick on and off for a month. I’d be fine Monday-Thursday and then get sick, every single week the month of February through March! I hope you’re feeling much better!

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