Monday: 5.54 mi in 48min, 8:41 pace, plus planks, wall-sits and push-ups. Goal was to warm up for 15 min, run at 8:30 pace, cool down at 8:50 for last mile.

Tuesday: 1400m swim in 45min. 400m front crawl, 400m whip kick with kickboard, 400m front crawl arms only with leg buoy, 200m front crawl.

Wednesday: 5.31 mi in 50min, 9:30 pace, plus planks, wall-sits and push-ups. “Hill” repeats.

Thursday: 3.65mi in 33min, 8:55 pace. Goal was to walk 10min to warm-up then do 3 miles at 5K pace. I did a conservative 5K effort … more like what I would target for a 10K. Which was still around 7:30 pace, which is great for me for that effort.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5mi in 42min, 8:19 pace. Goal was 5 miles at 8:20. Nailed it.

Sunday: 4mi in 34min, 8:35 pace. Goal was to run at the same effort as the day before, given my tired legs, the pace might be slower. I was up in a “new” part of the burbs, and my coach wanted me to run somewhere new, so I brought my running clothes and ran on the Great Western Trail.

Total miles: 23.5
Total time: 4hr 42min

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Untitled So... Which pair will I wear for my next half marathon? Brooks adrenaline 12 or  Mizuno wave Nirvana 8?

Top: Sunday’s run; Bottom: Making my desk standable; New shoes (recycled photo)


  • New shoes! When I posted the pic above to Instagram, I pondered which pair I would wear at my goal half. Almost everyone suggested I wear the Brooks Adrenaline 12’s – no surprise, that’s a very popular shoe, and that’s what I wore for the Chicago Marathon. But Amanda was the lone voice suggesting the lightness of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 8’s would be good for a PR. I ran in them for Wednesday’s run and they felt noticeably lighter than my other shoes (I have two pairs of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7’s). So, we’ll see how they hold up on a long run. 
  • I’m starting to think the Brooks PureCadences aren’t for me. I’ve been feeling some minor pain on the tops of my feet, and I’m starting to suspect it is from those shoes (I have about 60 miles on them, I think I wear them about once per week). I’m going to leave them out of rotation for a week or so and see how I feel. I did have issues with the PureCadence in my usual size giving me blisters on the tops of my feet, I went up a size and haven’t gotten blisters, but I wonder if they are still too tight for me when it comes to the height of the shoe.
  • I haven’t been to a group run in a really long time. I’m starting to feel like a creeper on my running club’s FB page. I’ve gone back to taking the train to work, which as I’ve mentioned takes significantly longer (but is cheaper) and I had to cut down my work-from-home days from two per week to one per week. So, with all of that extra commuting time, plus my focus on training, I don’t have a lot of extra time to drive to and from group runs during the week. And on the weekends they run at 7am, and if I don’t have to be up that early, I just … no. I don’t think they’ll kick me out though 🙂
  • Coach Vera told me I should stand at my desk for two hours each day. All that sitting is bad for compressing the joints. Plus there are tons of other studies that say sitting is bad, standing is good, blah blah blah.