First World Problems: Technology and Dirty Places

Technology has failed me in two ways recently. Which makes me feel like a curmudgeonly old person.

Recently, I tried to pay a bill by phone. Using automated voice recognition. These are terrible. Whose voice are they recognizing? The system seemed to  really struggle with my Midwestern “accent.” It probably took five calls before I could successfully make a payment. Why do companies make it so hard for me to give them my money? First world problem.

Over the weekend, I was all ready to make my triumphant return to early morning Saturday runs with my club. I had my clothes laid out and my alarm set. But for some reason, my phone froze overnight. My alarm never went off. My “lil alarm clock” (aka Olive) woke me up around 6:30am … which is what time I should have been leaving. I still went through with my post-run breakfast plans. But without the smugness of having ran at 7am. First world problem.

Olive aka Lil Alarm Clock aka Rotten Furball

In related news, I was tweeting with Verizon and they gave me some suggestions for my phone. (But they did not offer a free phone, WTF, GIMME.) But sadly even they could not tell me how to delete unwanted pre-loaded apps. So I’m stuck with some golf game and the Blockbuster app and other stuff I don’t need. First world problem.

I walk through a good chunk of the Chicago Pedway during my commute. And my personal goal, every time, is to not touch anything when I’m in the pedway. My favorite is to try to get through a revolving door making the people going in the opposite direction do all the pushing, so that I don’t have to touch the door. Suckers. I’m not a germ-o-phone, but one part (around Macy’s) is literally a toilet. Commuting convenience, through a homeless commune = first world problem.

Pedway Randolph/Wabash
This is one of the cleaner parts. I was going to post a picture of the gross part, but it was too gross for my pretty blog. But you can see for yourself. (It’s not graphic or anything.)

I have a “fashion” blog (quotes totally necessary), and I upload my pictures for it to Flickr. Did you know Flickr is full of people who have foot fetishes? And keep favoriting my photos of my feet (in shoes, I promise). I’m not even tagging these photos! (Erin, do you have this problem?) AUGH, Internet, why are you so weird? Any complaint about a blog = automatic first world problem.

Google Reader is going away. Thankfully, I have discovered Feedly. And it syncs with your Reader account. First world problem averted.

I asked Vera to be my running coach and she’s making me work really hard! So many planks! Exerting myself for “fun” and complaining about it = first world problem.

What are your recent first world problems? Sara always has hilarious ones.  

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22 Comments on “First World Problems: Technology and Dirty Places”

    1. That would have been fine if I didn’t wait until 9pm the day before the payment was due … the live-person call center was closed. Plus, by that point, I was on a mission to conquer that damn automated voice.

  1. Ah, I hate those voice recognition things! They never understand my midwest accent. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Did you mean xxxxx?” UGH!!! Just give me a prompt so I can type in a number, much easier than talking to a computer that doesn’t understand me. FWP for sure!

  2. I have voice recognition in my new ford suv. It has trouble with my midwest chicago accent but my indiana husband and kids don’t have any trouble with it at all.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses a ramekin to feed my pet. Also, I noticed you also use “place mat” for spillage. My dog eats so fast he has no time for neat eating! 🙂

    1. Sure. I have some exercises that I’ve picked up from Pilates and core classes … I’ve thought about doing short demo videos at the gym … might be totally weird. I need to figure out a time I can go there when no one else is around. Like 6pm on a Sunday. Maybe I’ll just search YouTube for videos.

  4. I’m digging Feedly. Especially the phone app.

    AHH! I hate it when people make ME open the door for them or push the revolving door! 😛 Use your body to push it! 😛

    I have had a lot of FWP with my phone lately. Sigh.

    You gotta train that backup alarm to get you up earlier. Wait. Don’t.

  5. Since I don’t put my photos on Flickr I have no idea if people are drooling over the shots of my shoes. I’m just going to continue in blissful ignorance of the life my photos have outside of my blog.

    I admit that I’ve never been in that part of the pedway. The only part I frequent is the tunnel from State Street to Dearborn. Thankfully that isn’t too terrifying. Although I have stepped of a stream of urine from a dude peeing on a post at the UIC-Halsted stop. Stay classy, Chicago.

    1. Years ago, I was exiting the Red Line station around Adams, and I saw a guy peeing at the bottom of the stairs. The stairs I needed to walk up. And not even discretely peeing, it was like, I’m just gonna drop trou and let go.

  6. Oh, those lame preloaded apps are known as “bloatware” on your mobile devices, and they are the bane of 99% of users. The only way to delete them is to root your phone which is really not a good idea (rooting = jailbreaking = messing with the phone’s operating system and voids any warranties). And even if you manage to uninstall them, when the phone checks for updates, it just adds them back. Argh!

    When I used to work at the State Street Field’s (it was already Macy’s then), I would warn all my visitors to never never enter the store from the pedway! It’s been so gross for years!!

    And I do the same thing at revolving doors! For the six seconds I’m going around the semi-circle I feel like royalty having total strangers move the door for me. :p

  7. Hooray, at least you almost got there for a 7:00 run! Hope to see you soon, and I’ll try to be there for a Thursday run soon!

    1. I haven’t been able to make it to the Thurs night runs either! 🙁 I switched back to taking the train to work, and I have like 3-4 hours from when I get home to when I need to get in bed. So I can’t really spare the 50 minutes I spend driving there and back 🙁 Stupid long commute.

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