Training, March 11-17

Monday: Spin Class 45min, Weights and stuff 30 min

Tuesday: 5.14 mi, 49min 09:27 pace. Hill repeats. Was supposed to do 4, but didn’t remember if my plan said 4 or 5, so I did 5.

Wednesday: Rest. We had a Groupon that was expiring, so we went to dinner. As did everyone else who had the same expiring Groupon. Sorry, wait staff.

Thursday: 4.24 mi, 39min 09:08 pace

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 4.46 mi, 42min 09:23 pace

Sunday: 8.01 mi, 1hr 12min, 08:58 pace. Goal was to do miles 3-6 under 8:45 pace, did those around 8:24-8:41 pace. I also did planks & wall sits.

Total Miles: 21.8
Total Time: 4hr, 48min

Olive Olive

I didn’t take any running-related pics this week, so here I am creeping on my cat. 


  • Sooooo happy about the time change. I now have daylight after work! Makes a big difference. And I hope we’re done with snow (that sticks) and ice. 
  • With the exception of not being able to get in a double, I’ve been doing a good job of following Coach Vera’s plan for me. Since she is giving me the plan 2 weeks at a time, we can reassess for things like not being able to get in any doubles during the week right now, or unless I’m working from home, Friday workouts aren’t happening. 
  • This week’s hill repeats was the same plan as last week’s, except she told me to sprint up the hill. So, those intervals were faster, the fastest one being 1:01. So my goal next week, when I do the same workout, is to get those sprints under a minute.
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8 Comments on “Training, March 11-17”

  1. That’s cool that you are doing hill repeats, I need to do some, but I need to find a hill! I’m actually more concerned about training for the downhill stretches in my marathon. I have burned my shins in previous races with downhill portions. I will struggle with the uphills, but I likely won’t get injured on those parts.

    1. The “hill” I run on isn’t much of a hill, but it’s the best I can do without driving anywhere. I personally like hills, and I wish we had more in Chicagoland!

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